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If you think swimming suits, swimming trunks and bikinis is the only outfit you can wear when you head out to the beach, think again! Body Glove is here to set your thinking right with their line of apparel that is suitable to be worn for your outdoor water activities. No matter if you are busy surfing through the waves, parasailing through the clouds or even exploring the deepest seas, you can always count on Body Glove to give you a sporty, laid-back kind of look you were going for.

About Body Glove Malaysia

Founded by 2 brothers who had an unending love for the ocean, Body Glove is the ultimate brand when it comes to water sports. Armed with over 60 years of experience, this 2 brothers took the whole world by storm when the revolutionized surfing and diving by creating the world first practical wetsuit. The name Body Glove came from the wet suit that fits to the body like a glove. Proud to be one of the last few family owned business that deals with surfing and diving, Body Glove pledges to continue designing products that enhance and protect us both above and below the water’s surface.