BoBoiBoy has been a popular cartoon series many children are obsessed with ever since its TV release. iprice Malaysia offers an array of Boboiboy merch including tableware, bags, watches, drinkware, and more. Now you can also reward your kids with Boiboiboy pencil cases or stationery, read more to find out what options there are from Boboiboy Malaysia below.


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A Guide to Buying BoBoiBoy Pencil Boxes

Your little ones are always glued to the screen when BoBoiBoy movie or series is on. They love the superheroes so much that they can never stop talking about the characters' superpower and their dreams of wanting to be like them in the future. Here at iprice Malaysia, we have super affordable Boboiboy merch available for your kids. Whether it's the back-to-school season or gifting season, what's better than BoBoiBoy pencil cases when they can bring this essential to school as their companion every day?

How to choose BoBoiBoy Pencil Cases for your kid?

Boboiboy Galaxy Pencil Bag - Comes in either round or square design and in different sizes, there is surely one that your child will set their eyes upon. The Boboiboy pencil bags can be seen with a strap on the side for the kids' ease to grip their pencil bag steadily. One advantage of having a pencil bag is its ample room to fit in every stationery your kid may have. Some also come with an outer pocket for kids to store their little notebooks or bookmarks.

Boboiboy Galaxy Magnetic Pencil Case - It may look small but has sufficient space for children to organize their stationery. This rectangular pencil case has compartments that help kids to sort out different types of stationery such as pencils, erasers, a pair of scissors, glue and many more. The magnet in the pencil case cover is strong enough to keep the stationery in place and prevent it from falling out. Some magnetic cases even come with a sharpener or a compass!

Boboiboy Galaxy Pencil Case with Stationery Set - Is your kid starting school soon? Or do you wish to reward your kid for his/her hard work? Boboiboy metal pencil case comes with a set of stationery including a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, and a ruler. This Boboiboy stationery is the cheapest among all options and is rather suitable for kids who are of kindergarten age or early primary school age.

There are many options for Boboiboy pencil cases to choose from at a price range between RM8.90 and RM35.90. So what are you waiting for?