Watch as BoBoiBoy and his friends save the Earth from aliens in this animated tv series! A popular series that is well-loved by children, we are sure your kids will love these cool BoBoiBoy merchandise. Click here to learn more about the series.

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Every Malaysian Kid’s Superhero: BoBoiBoy

BoBoiBoy Malaysia - A Local Hero

BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series that is produced by Animonsta Studios. The series was first broadcasted on TV3 in year 2011 before it went on to being shown on Disney Channel Malaysia and Disney Channel Asia in the later part of 2011 as well as on NTV7 in year 2014. The series revolves around a boy, named BoBoiBoy, with superpowers and his friends as they protect the earth from alien threats.

The original series features 3 seasons (the final episode shown in June 2016) as well as a movie (called BoBoiBoy: The Movie and was aired in the cinemas in the early part of 2016). The animated series is set for a total rebranding that will be aired in November 2016. The series is set to take place after the movie and is said to have a total of 104 episodes.

Protect the Earth with BoBoiBoy Malaysia

BoBoiBoy, the main star of the animated series, is a new kid in town. He lives with his grandfather, Tok Aba. Tok Aba makes a living by selling chocolate products that is very popular among the townsfolk. Due to the popularity of the stall, BoBoiBoy is able to make new friends fast in town. All is well until one day, the group of friends find out that aliens are trying to steal the Earth’s cocoa beans (starting first with Tok Aba’s supply) as well as Tok Aba’s secret special hot chocolate drink recipe. Through a series of events, BoBoiBoy and his friends gain superpowers and decide to band together to protect the Earth from invading aliens.

Here is a closer look at a few of the main characters of this well-loved animated series:

The titular character of the animated series. He is the new kid in town, who lives with his grandfather, Tok Aba. Tok Aba runs a mobile stall that sells chocolate products and BoBoiBoy would help out at the stall after school. He is mischievous kid and loves to play pranks on people. His best friends occasionally find him annoying, but, most of the time, think that he is funny. As a superhero, BoBoiBoy has the power to split into 3 elements (BoBoiBoy Petir/Lightning, BoBoiBoy Angin/Wind and BoBoiBoy Tanah/Earth).
Once an enemy of BoBoiBoy, Fang has since become friends with him. Even though they tend to argue a lot, Fang is always ready to help BoBoiBoy when trouble appears. In the series, Fang is seen as arrogant, with a very high opinion of himself. However, when it comes to doing the right thing, he will always do it, even in crazy and dangerous situations. As a superhero, Fang has the power to control the shadows and even summon shadows in animal forms.
From the start, Gopal has always been one of BoBoiBoy’s best friends. He is always supportive of his friends and has a love for food, especially Tok Aba’s special hot chocolate drink. At first, Gopal is unsure of what his superpower is. As he is easily scared, he soon discovers that his fears are linked to his powers, i.e.: the more scared he is, the more powerful he becomes.
She is a timid girl and is one of BoBoiBoy’s best friends. Usually, Ying is very quiet and tends to keep to herself. However, when she sneezes, her super speed power is activated, making her brave, impulsive and stubborn. She changes back to normal when she sneezes again. Though, her fear of clowns tends to make her slow down and stop, even when her super power is activated.
Among the group, her powers are one of the best. She is super strong and has the ability to fly. Unfortunately, Yaya doesn’t like to fight. Her reasoning was because she is raised to be a well-mannered girl. She will only fight when there seems to be no other option. Among the group of friends, Yaya is usually the voice of reason in the group, reminding them of what’s right and what’s wrong.
Tok Aba
He is BoBoiBoy’s grandfather and the owner of a mobile chocolate stall that is popular for its special hot chocolate drink. He is kind, loving and wise. As BoBoiBoy is close to him, the young boy will always go to him for advice.
Papa Zola
At first, he was a superhero in his own self-titled television series and video game in the world of BoBoiBoy. However, a mishap caused him to be pulled out of the video game and into the real world. Papa Zola has since taken up a job as a teacher at BoBoiBoy’s school. He teaches a wide range of subjects in hilarious ways.
Adu Du
He is BoBoiBoy’s arch nemesis. Originally a lone alien miner, he accidentally stumbled upon Earth and has since been tasked by his Emperor to take control of Earth’s supple of cocoa beans. Adu Du tends to be short tempered and bossy, traits that can be seen by how he treats his robot minion.
He is a robot and is Adu Du’s minion. Due to him being a prototype, Probe has low intelligence, resulting in frequent failures on missions. He is loyal to Adu Du, but is often impressed by BoBoiBoy’s powers. When he gets the chance, he will argue with the spaceship computer on ridiculous topics. Despite being a robot, Probe actually thinks he is a living being and tends to behave like he is one by doing things like humming and sleeping.

    Keeping Aliens at Bay with BoBoiBoy Malaysia!

    Since its release, BoBoiBoy’s influence and popularity has since spread over to other countries. The series is aired in countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong and is well-loved by children of all ages. Its popularity has resulted in the creation of original merchandise that any child will love. Dress your child in BoBoiBoy Clothing or get him/her BoBoiBoy Bags to bring to school, along with BoBoiBoy Stationery.