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Bobbi Brown Makeup, created for the Diva in you

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with fresh, clean and modern beauty, but before all this, Bobbi was known for her natural make up look that she creates as a makeup artist. Working with great photographers like Bruce Weber, Bridgette Lacombe and Patrick Demarchelier, she realized that you don’t really need 3 kg’s of makeup painted on your face, as “it wasn’t about artificial-looking makeup – it was about enhancing your natural God given gift.

Today, Bobbi Brown continues to be the #1 makeup brand that is sought after all over the world. With her belief that all women are pretty without makeup but with just the right makeup can be pretty powerful, Bobbi Brown is a brand that strives to empower women everywhere.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Sticks that are made to make a difference

You might not know this but Bobbi Brown is known for their foundation sticks. It is an everyday essential that keeps your makeup in place and your face fresh all the time. Here is a simple explanation on the different types of foundation Bobbi Brown provides.

Full Coverage Foundation - just like an expensive cashmere sweater in your closet that you would only use when you are feeling glamorous.

Liquid Foundation – Your classic white button-down shirt that works well for both work and play. Its medium coverage finishing gives your face a more polished, pretty look.

Luminous Foundation – Like a silk shirt, this type of foundation has a beautiful sheen finishing, perfect if you are looking for the dewy, glowing look.

Powder Foundation – It feels just like the airy, summer blouse, providing a light finishing that perfect for your sunny days.

BB Cream – that one shirt has is ultra-useful, anytime, anywhere. BB cream has that same spirit – it hydrates, provides medium coverage and also enhances skin-boasting ingredients.

Get you ultimate nude foundation, the most iconic Product created my Bobbi Brown – Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. Featured in Elle and Glamour Magazine as well as awarded with numerous awards, this stick is the must have in your beauty bag. Its creamy yet weightless texture can be applied effortlessly and blends perfectly for a smooth, even finishing. Get the stick that is perfect for your tone from their broadest range of shades.

Everything you ever need from Bobbi Brown

For all your cosmetics needs, here are the top 4 things from Bobbi Brown that you totally need in your makeup collection.

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Bronze eye is the new in thing! Though it can look a little intimidating in terms of how you can apply this shade to your eye, Bobbi Brown makes your life easier with this palette. The bude, bronz-y and shimmery shades helps you add a tingle of colour to your natural skin while giving you a sexy, glowing shimmer.

Bobbi Brown Blush

Bobbi Brown knows that she does not need to fancy packaging and names for her products. The blush does an amazing job as giving their users the most magnificent flush. The colours are super pigmented and stays on your face all day long.

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation

If you want your skin to glow like it is being shined on from a heavenly light, this is the absolute product for you. It moisturizes your face while giving you a movie star shimmer. The perfect example of a miracle in a bottle.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

This is so far their best product ever. It comes in 4 different tones, - Pink, Rose, Beige and Bronze. The strip colour can be either be used individually or mixed up together with a brush to create magic.

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