Black Hammer Malaysia’s is known to produce safety shoes that combines safety with style. Today, Black Hammer Malaysia has expanded their inventory to include men’s working shoes, apparels, and accessories. Exude your confidence and masculinity with Black Hammer Malaysia. Read more about Black Hammer Malaysia below.


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Your Express Guide to Manliness with Black Hammer Malaysia

Renowned for combining safety with comfort and style, Black Hammer Malaysia provides safety shoes, leather shoes, apparels, and accessories for men who wants to look effortlessly stylish. Black Hammer Malaysia products, especially its safety shoes, are popular amongst individuals who require a pair of shoes which can reliably provide safety and comfort while working in dangerous environments. With products made of genuine leather, delicate and durable craftsmanship, and innovative design, Black Hammer Malaysia brings out your inner masculinity. Read on to find out more about Black Hammer Malaysia’s inventory.

Safety Shoes

With Malaysia being a developing country with a thriving building and construction industry, maintaining safety and comfort while working on these sites are essential. Black Hammer offers them in the form of safety shoes. Although there are many brands that offer safety shoeson iPrice Malaysia, the ones provided by Black Hammer Malaysia are amongst the most sought after of the lot. One important aspect about safety shoes is that they must be able to provide sufficient safety that is required to work in dangerous working conditions, at the same time providing comfort and maneuverability. All these requirements are fulfilled by Black Hammer Malaysia’s range of safety shoes. These safety shoes are available in a few models, which you can choose from, depending on your personal preference. Among Black Hammer’s noteworthy safety shoes are described below:

  • TREK II – The Trek II are safety shoes featuring all the necessary features of a safety shoe, with the exception that its appearance resembles more of sports shoes. The TREK II has built-in safety features such as an anti-slip sole, steel toe cap, mid steel plates, heat resistant base, and profiled rubber soles – ideal to be worn on locations such as construction sites, manufacturing factories, et cetera. The shoes are also designed to provide maximum breathability for your feet.
  • Classic Series – The Classic series is another key collection in Black Hammer Malaysia’s range of safety shoes. Made of genuine leather, the Classic Series gives a classy look to its wearers. More than just sporting good looks, the shoes in this series are also equipped with safety features such as a steel cap to protect your toes, steel midsole that covers the other areas of your feet, and a slip-resistant sole to prevent wearers from slipping, especially during rainy days where the ground can be quite slippery. The perfect pair of shoes that combines safety and style.

Men’s Shoes

Besides safety shoes, Black Hammer Malaysia also creates men’s shoes to be worn casually or to the office. The shoes in this category are divided into two categories – casual wear and office wear. Mostly available in low cut and made of genuine leather, these shoes can match other apparels easily and give them a simple yet clean look for any occasion. The shoes are also adorned with a delicate lining that is a testament of Black Hammer’s emphasis on quality and finesse. The shoes can be complemented with a simple T-shirt and jeans, or even with formal wear, giving the wearer versatile fashion options. To make things better, they also come with anti-slip soles so you can walk confidently even on slippery surfaces.


Over the years, Black Hammer has expanded its inventory to include tops, bottoms, and undergarments for men. In terms of tops, Black Hammer Malaysia produces tactical shirts that come in many colours – black, grey, beige, light brown, and green. They are made of cotton, hence providing more comfort especially when worn in Malaysia’s hot weather. These tactical shirts are also suitable to be worn when performing outdoor activities, not only because they are comfortable but also because they come with elbow pad protection that prevents your elbows from being injured. The camouflage design adds to the aesthetics of the tops, making the wearers manlier as if they have just returned from the military.

Black Hammer also offers pants – in both and short to their customers. Similar to the tops, most of the shorts sport a camouflage design. The long tactical pants are also equipped with knee pads to help with knee protection pads that keep the knees unharmed when performing outdoor activities. The pants are available in many colours for you to choose from so that you can mix and match with your other apparels. The rugged design of the pants with the camouflage designs further exudes the wearer’s masculinity.

Furthermore, Black Hammer Malaysia also produces undergarments for men, available in the form of briefs and trunks. These undergarments are made with combed cotton fabric, which provides more breathability for the user. The material is also cooling, which maximises comfort to the wearer, especially when they are worn during the hot weather. Both the briefs and trunks are available in black, blue, green, and orange.


Black Hammer Malaysia not only produces high-quality shoes and apparels, but they also make bags as well. Their bags come in three different types – sling bags, backpacks, and waist bags. The straps for the sling bags and backpacks have reinforced shoulder pads for you to carry them comfortably so that they will not hurt your shoulders even after prolonged carrying. Whereas the waist pouch has an adjustable strap that enables you to fix the strap on your waist to your own comfort. All the bags also have multiple pockets that provide more space capacity for you to put your things in.