Improve and maintain your body’s natural glow with Biotherm Malaysia. From body skin care, perfumes, lotions, serums, you can trust Biotherm with their state of the art skin healing procedures, extracted from the depths of the ocean. Scroll down to view our selection of Biotherm products or click here to find out more about Biotherm Malaysia.


Biotherm Malaysia - Unique Skin Care Treatments for you

Your skin is the largest organ on your body which protects your internal organs from extreme elements. It also plays a role in maintaining the body’s immune system to fight against ailments and infections. It is also a great indication of overall health and well-being, that is why taking care of your skin is essential. Established in 1952 by biologist Jeanne Marissal, Biotherm Malaysia offers the best beauty products for your body. Marissal discovered phytoplankton-rich thermal spring waters in the Pyrenees mountains, somewhere in the southern part of France. Knowing its potent skin rejuvenator properties, Marissal added thermal phytoplankton to skin products which, gave birth to Biotherm’s first line of skin care products.

Most Popular Products from Biotherm Malaysia

Today, Biotherm has continued to provide excellent skin treatments which integrates potent thermal phytoplankton that hastens the skin’s healing process. This unique skin care treatment has garnered much publicity because of its new approach towards beauty and personal care. From this idea comes a span of body and facial products that are well-recieved by the public. Here are some of the brand’s most popular products that you can purchase online:

  • Biotherm Aquasource Gel
  • Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum
  • Blue Therapy Serum in Oil
  • Lait Corporel Body Milk
  • Deo Pure Invisible Roll-on

Take a look at our extensive line of products from Biotherm Malaysia and discover the healing properties of water and its natural constituents! Browse from our different categories including: skin care, bath and body, perfumes and many more!

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