Bringing future to your own desks, Biostar is one of top brands that produces the finest computer hardware products in the world. Read more about Biostar Malaysia below to find out.


Biostar Malaysia - Beyond Better, Racing To The Future

Aptly named, Biostar aspires to bring its users to experience bright future of technology and innovation in its entirety through its own awesome line of products. Since 1986, Biostar has managed to rise as one of the top brands when it comes to designing and providing computer hardware products. While the digital realm has grown exponentially, a lot of people is unable to enjoy full access to affordable computer hardware products that deliver promising and reliable performances. Since most brands have to sacrifice either performance or price in their products, it just shows that people are forced to pay high price for great quality computer hardware products. However, salvation comes in the form of Biostar computer hardware products which are widely recognized as solid products that offer smoother and stunning performance.

With such large arsenal of computer hardware products that you can choose, Biostar knows that it is able to satisfy your needs and desires. Whether you need your computer to be primed for work, gaming or others, you can trust Biostar in getting the ultimate solution that enables you to achieve your goals and dreams. Sounds cheesy, isn't it? Yet, the computer hardware products are essential as the basic building block of your high-performance computer system. As such, you will be realize your desired results when you choose to get Biostar computer hardware products.

Behold, The Bringer Of Light

Established as early as 1986, the Biostar initially produced mainboards that were built for XT form factor for many years. Subsequently, it has also expanded in the production of add-on cards as well. Even then, Biostar was able to maintain a large portion of its own capital and manpower in researching and developing newer products that could sharpen its edge in highly contested market of computer hardware products. Not only that, Biostar also accelerated its production and research programs so that it was able to compete with its rivals. All of these measure illustrated the rapidly growing influence of Biostar as it led the switch from being an OEM to a full-fledged brand that proudly made and marketed its own products.

The year 2003 saw the release of the unique Biostar P4TCA that made Biostar to be the first manufacturer that launched a motherboard with built-in Wireless LAN. After two years, Biostar eventually established its own graphic card division. At the same time, it also developed T-series motherboards which were high-end motherboards. In order to achieve its grand plan of expansion, Biostar has managed to team up with Nvidia as it eventually became Nvidia's first tier partner in their successful collaboration that gave birth to many award-winning products. With such knowledge and experience, Biostar was able to release Biostar TF560 A2+, the world's first motherboard that has the capabilities of hosting Socket AM2 and AM2+ Phenom processors. In 2015, Biostar enjoyed the reputation of being the first brand that designed a motherboard that came with integrated 3.1, Biostar Gaming Z97X in February 2015. Based in Taiwan, Biostar now boasts powerful brand visibility

All About Bringing Performance To Life

Beyond Better
A few decades ago, the realm of information technology has been in its infancy, raw and young. Yet, at the same time, many innovators and visionaries had sought to bring its potential into another next level since it is still full of unrealized exploits. Similarly, the proud Biostar will not be contented with its own long list of achievement as it desires to pursue innovation just like it has been in the past. Throughout its decades of innovation, Biostar has the privilege of being one of the most innovative brands that are able to develop and design new products which incorparate the latest innovations and features so that its customers are able to experience the power of technology fully.
Racing To The Future
While many are of the opinion that the only thing certain about future is uncertainty, Biostar believes otherwise. If uncertainty is in its vocabulary, Biostar is certain that it will not be able to reach its current reputation. Thanks to its ability in pushing the boundaries of innovations, Biostar definitely walks the talk when it claims about racing to the future in its slogan. With such persistence and determination, Biostar is able to grow and expand its line of products in a short time. Believing in the need of pursuing innovations, Biostar is never been the one that rests on its laurels.

Top Biostar Malaysia Products That Turn Future Into Reality

Despite boasting an amazing array of incredible products that many people love, Biostar is more famous with its own motherboards and video graphics array (VGA). Thanks to its longer experience in researching and developing them, Biostar has certainly acquired enviable specialty in building awesome motherboards and VGAs that can accommodate powerful computer. As such, these products truly make an impact in unleashing fearsome performance that you desire in your PC.

Biostar Motherboards

Biostar Racing Z170GT7 Motherboard
As the flagship of the latest Biostar Racing series, the Biostar Racing Z170GT7 is a powerful motherboard that incorporates the amazing Super 5 Design Concept. It supports the latest Intel 6th generation core processor, Intel Z170. Basically, the incredible Super 5 Design Concept is all about bringing the power and potential of racing car into PC, turning it like a real racing car. Overall, this racing car themed concept boasts the racing I/O armor that offers protection to your fragile I/O panel and other electronic components from static electricity. More that just exuding a beautiful silhouette, its streamlined racing car themed body is able to function as dust guardian. Moreover, the other four great features are titanium audio shielding, carbon fiber heatsink, matte black printed circuit board and checkered Flag Silk-screen Print.
Not only that, this awesome Biostar motherboard is also capable of supporting up to four DDR4 memore modules that boast the capacities of up to 64GB. In addition, it also features the impressive Hi-Fi zone for your epic audio experience. In this Hi-Fi zone, it features Biostar Hi-Fi ground which gives you the advantage of enjoying noise-blocking multi-layer printed circuit board design. Impressively, it is able to isolate analog audio signals from digital sources. Thanks to all of these amazing features, you are certain that your PC will accelerate and race like a real racing car.

Biostar VGA

Biostar VN9605XP41
When it comes to better graphic quality, the Biostar VN9605XP41 is one of the most popular Biostar VGA in the market as it is packed with great features. One of these great features is NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 GPU that is simply great in maximizing your graphic performance as it is able to support higher level of texture and rendering effortlessly. At the same time, it boasts 4GB GDDR5 with dual PWM fansink for smoother performance. As it turns out, the Biostar VN9605XP41 also supports NVIDIA PuroVideo HD Technology, NVIDIA PhyX and CUDA Technology and DirectX 12 so that you can embrace more fluid graphic performance. In addition, it also contains low noise heatpipe design that offers highly efficient cooling processes.

Shining Brighter Than Ever

If you want to build a powerful computer that can deliver superior performance, you should take a look at Biostar hardware for the latest Biostar computer hardware products. With Biostar, it is all about racing to the future and pursue the ultimate victory!

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