Hand sanitizers are great if you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to clean running water and soap. Not only do they smell great, but they’re able to kill almost all the bacteria and germs found on all kinds of surfaces. Read below to know more about one of the leading brands of sanitizers, BioCare, and what it can do to protect you from illnesses.


BioCare Hand Sanitizers Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

BioCare Malaysia Group was established in 2003 in Malaysia, and as a homegrown brand, it has established itself as one of the leading healthcare brands in the country since then. Now, it carries hundreds of health-related products, from joint supports to hand sanitizers.

In the middle of an outbreak, a BioCare hand sanitizer can prove extremely handy in times of need. If you need a quick disinfecting after your grocery runs, you can do so with a hand sanitizer. Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly whenever you get the chance, but you can always carry around a BioCare hand sanitizer with you wherever you go.

Do hand sanitizers kill bacteria?

Yes, BioCare hand sanitizers contain a formula that is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and common bacteria. This formula has around 75% alcohol that can disinfect your hands from those pesky germs and bacteria. It also has a little bit of perfume to make sure that the strong alcohol smell won’t linger for too long after usage. The best way to get rid of bacteria is still by washing your hands the traditional way but hand sanitizers still make a great alternative.

Can BioCare hand sanitizers be used on surfaces?

Yes, you can clean all kinds of surfaces with BioCare hand sanitizers. For instance, you can clean your smartphones quickly and effectively with hand sanitizers as it is one of the dirtiest objects due to its constant contact with our hands.

Do BioCare hand sanitizers have expiration dates?

Most hand sanitizers have expiration dates well after their manufacturing dates. The typical expiry date for BioCare hand sanitizers is 3 years but you can always use your sanitizers beyond this date. Although, as time goes by, the alcohol concentration will decrease as it continues to evaporate, making it less effective as newer bottles of hand sanitizers. So, it’s recommended that after three years or after the expiry date that you switch to a new bottle of BioCare hand sanitizer to ensure effectiveness.

How much is the price of BioCare hand sanitizers in Malaysia?

BioCare hand sanitizers are available in various sizes so their prices will vary. Different merchants will also offer different deals and packages based on these sizes. Check out the BioCare hand sanitizer price list in Malaysia below for more info.

Top BioCare Hand Sanitizers



BioCare 1+1x500ML Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer Liquid Refill Pack 500ML



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill Pack 1+3x500ML



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer Liquid with Aloe Vera (75% Alcohol)



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer 4X 500ML Liquid with Aloe Vera (75% Alcohol)



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill Pack 2X 500ML



BioCare Cute Hand sanitizer - Ready Stock



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer 4x60ML Liquid (75% Alcohol)



BioCare Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel 4x500ML (75% Alcohol with Aloe Vera)



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