Looking for trendy surf fashion? You’ve come to the right place! Billabong Malaysia brings you the best apparel in casual and fashionable clothing. Check out Billabong Malaysia here.

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The wind in your hair, the sun in your face, the sand at your feet and the magnificent crashing sound of waves in your ears. This! This is what Billabong Malaysia is all about!

Surf culture takes the elements of nature head-on. Dabbling in another extreme sport, Billabong has conquered the skateboard world too. Clothing for all outdoor occasions, backpacks, sportswear, skateboards, snowboards and other accessories like watches and wristbands are just some of Billabong’s repertoire of merchandise. Closer to home, Billabong Malaysia brings you this very fashion that’s taking on the world. Follow these link to find out more about Billabong Malaysia:

Billabong timeline: Surfing with the times

The actually meaning of “Billabong” is an isolated pond that’s left after a river has dried up.

It all started with a guy named Gordon Merchant. Gordon Merchant’s simple, stylish solutions to board shorts were fashioned in the early 1970s and took to success not long after. By the 1980s, Merchant’s designs were popular throughout Australia. With the takeover of a few names in the clothing and surf accessory line, Billabong expanded to penetrate the Asian and New Zealand market. In 2007, Billabong acquired Tigerlily and started focusing on girl’s line of clothing. After collaborating with Plan B, an American based skateboard company, Billabong increased its range of stock to skateboard apparel and equipment.

Billabong men

Starting with men’s clothes line, Billabong has, since its beginning, expanded its men’s range. Currently, the styles of apparel in its repertoire encompass everything from t-shirts, boardshorts, tank tops, shirts, formal wear and swimwear. Billabong is more popularly known for their simple yet fashionable tees. Mostly for surfing and summer time, Billabong Malaysia tees are perfect for Malaysian weather. Grab a beer by the beach in your smooth and comfy Billabong t-shirt and surf shorts. Catered to those who love sports and outdoor activities, Billabong apparel is made to bring out the lean, beach-bod figure in any man. Even the body-fitting tees are perfect for everyday use. Here are some of Billabong’s best-selling categories:

  • Tees
  • Boardshorts

  • Shorts
  • Tanks
  • Long sleeve tees
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Denim
  • Rashguards
  • Hats
  • Beanies
  • Belts
  • Socks
  • Walllets
  • Hoodies

Billabong also has backpacks for men, especially since surfers travel all over the world. Travelling means carrying all your personal belongings in one simple, useful pack. Billabong men category showcases men’s backpacks and other accessories.

Billabong women

Billabong not only caters to men but also to women. Based on the apparel that Billabong sells every year, the most popular type of clothes sold are swimwear. In particular, bikinis and wetsuits get more attention. Years of perfecting the right technology to fabricate swimwear, Billabong has found the right combination of comfort, style and practicality to each bikini or wetsuit to optimize your experience at the beach. Besides swimwear, Billabong also has dresses for all occasions, sweaters, hoodies & tees, jackets, tops, graphic tees & tanks, pants, denim, rompers & jumpsuits, shorts, and skirts.

Other accessories for women include hats, scarves, backpacks, handbags & wallets, sandals, shoes, socks, surfboards and sunglasses. As more women are looking into the surf culture here in Malaysia, these Billabong categories are fast becoming women’s favourites in fashion.

"Surf's up!" with Billabong bags

If you’re looking for hip, fashionable, funky, artsy and tribal-ish designs for a backpack, you’ve come to the right place. Billabong backpacks and luggage come in all shapes and designs. From the hipster-like look to the laidback, relaxed lifestyle image of Australia, Billabong has it all.

For men, there are a variety of backpack lines to choose from. Check out the Billabong Command backpacks – a versatile backpack suitable for any kind of travel. Pack all your travel items into one simple, convenient backpack. With a padded back and front and multiple pockets at the sides and back, you’ll have plenty of compartments to secure your valuable. Also check out the Billabong Atom backpack range of bags. Perfect for school and surf, these bad boys are made of industry grade polyester to keep out moisture and other elements. Fitted with a laptop compartment, you can easily switch from work, to play!

For women, you have a range of bags suited for any time of the day. One line of Billabong bags that has ultimate variety is the Billabong Bonfire series. Bonfires sport different prints – the most simple being the striped patterns. Billabong Bonfire backpacks are woven and use a rope drawstring to secure all your items comfortably inside. Made from 100% cotton, these trendy bags give you a soft, warm hug when you wear them. Besides Bonfire bags, another line of backpacks is popular among women: The Billabong Hand Over Love backpack. Billabong’s signature vintage designs give these backpacks a washed look. Made from faux leather, you won’t need to sacrifice comfort, practicality or style. These durable backpacks are made for everyday use. Whether you’re heading to the mall, hanging out at the beach or lepak-ing at your friend’s place, these backpacks will go wherever you go.

The Billabong look with online shopping

The beauty of Billabong is the flexibility of customizing your look with different apparel. Choose tees from any line paired with board shorts and a trendy backpack to stand out in the crowd. Practical, fashionable and comfortable, Billabong apparel suit any lifestyle. Now you can shop for Billabong online. It’s so much easier and you can have your very own Billabong look delivered to your doorstep!