For men, dressing up to impress can be quite a hassle but with Ben Sherman, you will never have to worry about style ever again. Why? Read here to know more.


Ben Sherman Malaysia: Taking menswear to a whole new level

Ben Sherman Malaysia: A collection of heritage

“Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything”. – Ben Sherman.

If you think that fashion and looking good is only for the ladies, you have never been so wrong in your life. In this current age where you are judged by your overall appearance, your ensemble plays an extremely important role. At Ben Sherman, first impressions are everything to them and making their men as stylish as Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother” is their ultimate mission.

Ben Arthur Benjamin Sugarman was born in Brighton in 1925, and left to America, the land of hopes and promises when his he was a mere 20 years old boy, filled with drive and ambition. Thanks to his father-in-law who thought him the basic of shirt manufacturing, Ben started designing his own shirts, kick-starting his career when he launched the first Ben Sherman shirt in 1963.

Although his design were greatly influenced by the classic American Ivy League shirt, he added his own flair to it, making his shirts one of a kind with back hook and button on the back of the collar. But what made his shirts stand out was his feels and passion for fabric, pattern and colour, making his garments unique.

Having been in the business for more than 5 decades, the Ben Sherman shirts and brand has been adopted by almost every youth culture and style movement. He not only created a history with his shirts but changed the way people think which greatly helped in placing his brand globally. His passion for being original and rejecting the norm and mundane thinking has left a legacy that is clearly seen to this very day.

Ben Sherman Malaysia: Not your ordinary shirts

Born in the days of the Mods and 2 Tone, the Ben Sherman is the epitome of fine fabrics, unique fit, timeless Ivy League style and of course, a remarkable heritage. In 1963, he gifted the British men with an icon of men’s style. With his head filled with colours and checks, he knew the shirts that he created would be something new; character, variety and a modern sartorial approach.

Today, their focus remains unchanged; an expression of their timeless authenticity. The Ben Sherman shirt holds its original DNA features, from the button-down collar to the spade chest pocket with famous tab branding.

No matter where you go, what you do, you can never find a shirt like a Ben Sherman shirt, sharp and buttoned up.

Ben Sherman Malaysia: The most iconic Tipping Stripe

Truth be told, the Tipping Stripe collection is the symbol of Ben Sherman’s heritage. They took the tipping stripe from their classic Romford polo and infused it in their gingham shirt, the outcome – sharp, innovative range that taps their unique DNA.

The 1960s mod silhouette was the inspiration and the life of this collection. It was a celebration of an iconic style; stripes braces and gingham fabric that were fresh in the minds of their designers. The colour choices were no accident as these colours – red, white and blue were the foundation of these shirts. The Polo, shits and pocket tees has an originality that could only come from the Ben Sherman.

Ben Sherman: Buttoning up with Style

Buttoning it up is how you should wear your Ben Sherman as it was how it was when it was created. It is the epitome of the mod era, sharp, uncompromising and stylish as ever. It is a deliberate choice that overflows with “Britishness” and personal pride. Buttoning iy up is the final touch that that you look to a whole new level.

This is what the men at Ben Sherman had to say about buttoning up.

  • “The thing that I learned about this shirt was that you had to do something quite special to that shirt to make it finished, to make it look right. I’d noticed that the older kids, the cooler kids who were wearing Ben Sherman shirts – they did this to their shirts. I realized it was a very special, very British thing to do”. – Mark Maidment, CEO and Creative Director
  • “In this one action, it represents a very deliberate style decision. Nobody does this by accident; it doesn’t just fall into place. It transcends the whims of fashion and enters the realm of pure style. There’s so much meaning and code in this one gesture of buttoning up. It says so much more about you than just being casually un-buttoned.” – Martin Morris, Head of Creative
  • “It’s sharp, it’s smart and it’s also timeless as well. It feels really relevant and it feels modern. For me, the minute I buttoned up, that move of buttoning the shirt right to the very top, it set the level of “that’s how you wear a Ben Sherman shirt”.” – Mark Williams, Design Director

Ben Sherman Malaysia: Your personal style guide

Here are 3 different ways you can jazz up your Ben Sherman collection to suit your different occasions.

  • Look 1 (Dapper): Pop Tartan Check Long Sleeve Shirt, pastel coloured pants, brown shoes, nude fitted blazer.
  • Look 2 (Casual): Red Ben Sherman Gingham Shirt, khakis shorts, sneakers, black sunglasses.
  • Look 3 (Formal): Plain Twill Kings Fit Suit, leather dress shoes, leather analogue watch.