Unless you want to capture unnecessary attention from pickpockets, don’t overstuff your wallet and walk around with a big lump on your behind. Offering a solution to your lack of pocket space, Bellroy’s fine slim designed wallets could be the greatest fashion accessory ever invented! It’s time to say goodbye to your worn-out wallet and hello to these Bellroy choices right below.

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Bellroy is here to reform our “carry culture”

Bellroy was created to help you carry your everyday things easier in one way or another. The idea was crafted by the Co-Founders Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup back in 2000, 10 years before their official launch. This interesting name is derived from the company’s two separate office locations which are Bells Beach and Fitzroy in Australia.

With an innovative and functional design, these slim wallets have immediately transformed the way people carry their monetary belongings. As the company grows, its product catalogues have now branched out to include iPhone cases, phone pockets and passport covers. No one can really deny the magnificence of this ultra-thin and quintessential billfold with the minimal owl logo embedded on a fine vegan leather surface.

You probably wouldn’t like it when the amount of cards and cash bulks up your wallet and reduces the aesthetic silhouette of your jeans. We all share the same problem. This is also what inspired Andrew and Hadrien to venture into wallet craftsmanship with the sole purpose of slimming down the way we carry things.

Discover the incredible touch of Bellroy’s fashionable carriers

Without an actual tactile feel of each product, Bellroy stands out with its impeccable look of flawlessly made material together with a gorgeous logo symbolized by an owl. The design is another big thumbs-up for this Australian brand. Whether you are dressed in formal attire for a meeting, in a casual outfit for a day out or even for an adventure to the most distant part of the world, Bellroy is your trusted companion to carry along all your everyday essentials.

The secret behind this extraordinary thinness of their wallets is that they have been crafted and produced using the leather crafting techniques that are applied on bags and shoes. What’s even more remarkable is its fine material which is vegetable-tanned leather, naked leather and dressed leather. These products are not just durable under any weather condition but also super elegant and come in various attractive colours.

Not only are the wallets a sight to behold but it also brings a sense of awe to the customers. Their interactive website that is full of beautiful collections, Bellroy also offers exciting tips for an easy “carry culture” from how to keep all the daily things while consuming less space to packing tricks to make use of the luggage space and so on.

A simple item for everyday use

When talking about wallets, you might think that there is not much of a difference between brands. However, Bellroy claims its fame through the wide collection of innovative and stylish designs that is suitable for all purposes or occasions. Their products are categorized into four major groups: For Everyday, For Phones, For Travel and For Outdoors.

Bellroy’s frontline products are slim wallets designed based on various consumer’s preferences. There are two functional styles for you to choose from: Folded bills (small and slim) or Flat bills (handy and creative).

For those wanderlust filled souls, do check out Bellroy’s set of travel wallets, passport holders and element travel. These excellent products will ensure a worry-free and enjoyable journey with all your essentials and travel documents being kept safely in style.

The list of our favourite Bellroy’s products can’t be fully covered as the company continuously introduces their new collection from time to time. Let’s discover more together right here at iprice!

Why do we adore Bellroy’s slim wallets?

  • A slim and fitting wallet will keep our valuable belongings free from any pickpocket’s sight.
  • Sitting on a fat wallet may cause improper posture and that could lead to damaged bone structure (no, we’re not kidding!)
  • Easily slip in and pull out to save you the time searching for your money or most used cards.
  • There is nothing less annoying than having a bulge on your sleek designed fitting jeans.

Shop for Bellroy’s high-quality wallets at affordable prices with iprice today

Who doesn’t want to roam freely without the bugle pockets? And there is no other name that can beat Bellroy’s brilliant designs of the slimmest wallets and phone cases. No matter what you are looking for, we have everything you need on a single platform.

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