One of the leading brands of Malaysia for hijabi fashion, Bella Ammara offers a variety of choices to revamp your looks. From tudungs and tops to abayas and telekungs - Bella Ammara has it all!

What are the best Bella Ammara Products? | What Accessories Does Bella Ammara offer?


Bella Ammara - Stylish Attire For The Modern Muslimah

What are the best Bella Ammara Products?

Bella Ammara is a Malaysian company established in 2012 to provide Muslim women who find themselves playing different roles in society with a chic and practical style of clothing. Products range from traditional to modern, such as Baju Kurung and tops to telekung and chiffon hijabs are all available.


The Sharifah Telekung

The best choice for women looking for a plain and simple telekung. The design offers two colours, black and white for a more effortless and sophisticated look.

The Sharifah Royale Telekung

A fancier take on the simpler Sharifah Telekung collection, this design comes in two colours, black and white with intricate, golden embroidery on the hem giving a more majestic feel to the entire garment.

Al-Raaz Telekung

Offering a variety of pastel colours to choose from the Al=Raaz collection provides the perfect coverage for prayers.


Talia Top

The Talia top collection is amongst the best selling style of tops in Malaysia. The tops are knee-length or slightly above knee-length with an asymmetrical shape. The side flare accentuates the shape for a curvier look.

Alysa Floral Tops (Alysa Top Printed Embroidery)

Alysa floral tops have colourful floral prints that will spice up your outfit for any occasion. The tops are asymmetrical shaped similar to the Talia top however with the difference in material, Alysa Floral Tops have a delicate


Laana Shawl

The Laana Shawl collection comes in a variety of colours from darker navy blue, black and maroons to softer pastel colours such as light blues and soft pinks. The chiffon shawls are versatile and can be worn with any clothing be it casual, formal or professional.

What Accessories Does Bella Ammara offer?

Bella Ammara offers brooches, socks and tote bags to go with your stylish outfit.