Are you looking for a wardrobe that will help maximize the space you've got? Select from a wide range of wardrobe styles that will fit all your clothes and belongings.

Wardrobes are essential pieces of furniture that are not only useful for clothes, but also for other belongings such as handbags, extra sheets, luggage and more. From wardrobes with built-in mirrors to sleek wardrobe cabinet designs, there are many different wardrobes for you to place in any part of your house. Read more about different types of wardrobes below.

What are the benefits of a custom-made wardrobe? | What are the best material finishes for wardrobes?


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How to Choose the Right Type of Wardrobe

First off, ask yourself what you need the storage for, whether it's for makeup, furniture, etc. Make sure to measure the space you'd want to put your wardrobe in order to buy the right size. Then, go on to figuring what style suits best, whether you're going for a minimalistic design or a chic design. When choosing the design, take into account the amount of space you're going to need to efficiently store your belongings. You'll be able to choose your dream closet in no time!

What are the benefits of a custom-made wardrobe?

Custom design

If you have a particular taste, it can be hard to find a wardrobe that goes with your home aesthetics. By custom designing your wardrobe, you will not be limited in choices. You can get it done however you want and you are also guaranteed that it will be a perfect fit for your home.


No, it is not as expensive as you'd think. You can set a preferred design and budget, then discuss with the interior designer about what can be done. They can always find a way to match your budget with your preferences. If they can't, find someone else!


Custom-made wardrobes give you the freedom and flexibility to create storage for all your belongings according to the size and capacity. Shelves can be added, railings can be adjusted, sliding doors can be added, whatever makes you happy!

What are the best material finishes for wardrobes?


Laminate is one of the most popular and cheaper options available. Available in various different designs and texture, laminate is made by layers of heavy duty paper pressed together with melamine that hardens into resin. Then, a thin decorative layer will be added as well as a protective coat to ensure longevity.


Acrylic is made of polymer fibre and it gives off a high-end luxury look due too it's glossy finish. It is a non-toxic material that can create illusions of space in a small room.

Acrylic is also one of the best materials for the sliding doors on wardrobes because it does not become dull over time. Adding a layer of acrylic on any other material will increase its durability.


The veneer is made of thin layers of wood that are put together to form a strong panel. The end result looks exactly like hardwood. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, it also gives an extravagant touch to your space.

This material has the durability and resilience of real wood. Just like real hardwood, it can also be sanded down and refinished to get rid of any scuffs.


Having a full length mirror attached to your wardrobe kills two birds with one stone. Not only does it save space and gives a modern look, it also amplifies light and creates an illusion of more space.

It's easy to clean as well. All you need is a mirror polish and you're good to go.