A well-dressed bed can change the overall appearance and feel of the room and can also provide more comfort and ease when we sleep. There are many options for beddings and coverings to pretty up your bedroom but one very popular option is the quilt cover or quilt cover set.

What is a Quilt Cover Used For? | What are the Types of Quilt Covers?

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Quilt Cover - Everything You Need to Know About This Bedding Cover

What is a Quilt Cover Used For?

A quilt cover is a piece of bedding that goes over your duvet, doona, or comforter. The purpose of it is to act as a protection or a cover for your duvet or comforter. The name is interchangeable with duvet covers or doona covers but they're all essentially the same. It also acts similarly to bedsheets where you can use it to change the look of your bed. A quilt cover set is also available and they come with matching pillowcases.

Is Quilt Cover a Blanket?

A quilt cover is not the same as a blanket. While it might be seen as a blanket, it's actually a piece that is used as covers for duvets, blankets, or comforters that can't be used on their own while blankets are a piece of soft cloth that is large enough either to cover a great portion of the user's body.

What Is The Difference Between a Quilt and a Duvet?

There are several differences between a quilt and a duvet. A quilt is one whole piece but will only have multiple layers. Some quilts are a little lighter and can be used in the summer, while other quilts are thick and perfect to snuggle into when the world becomes chilly. There are two parts to a duvet and they usually use extremely lightweight filling materials so you can also keep your duvet out for the whole year.

The quality and size also differ between the two. The materials of a quilt are usually cottons, linens, and flannels and they're usually thicker than duvets. In duvets, you can usually find down, duck feathers, goose feathers, silk, wool, or even artificial fibres being utilized to enhance the thermal properties that can keep you warm or cool at night.

What are the Types of Quilt Covers?

They come in different colours, patterns, and styles and a quilt cover set often includes matching pillowcases so you can enjoy coordinating with your bedsheets and change the appearance of your bed and room to suit your preference. There is a quilt cover set available for both double beds and single beds. There are also kids quilt cover set that has designs and patterns of popular cartoon characters.

A quilt cover can be made of all sorts of different materials, including cotton, flannel, synthetic materials, and even silk. In Malaysia, cotton and silk are the best-selling material types for a quilt cover set. You can also buy your favourite colour of a quilt cover such as pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, and white.

How do You Cover a Quilt?

To use the bedding, all you need to do is just insert the duvet or comforter into the cover and secure it with safety pins. Some covers are also designed with buttons and ribbons so you can easily secure them to the duvet without using other accessories.

If you get a quilt cover set, you can use the matching pillowcases with the bedding as well. The sets don't usually come with a bedsheet but you can get one that is in a similar colour to match the bedding.