Snuggle in comfort for a proper night’s sleep, for a restful nap, or to provide extra support to your body while you are performing menial daily tasks, with soft and huggable body pillows. Read more about these body pillows in Malaysia below.

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Body Pillows Malaysia – Guaranteeing Restful Sleep for Everyone

A good night’s sleep is undoubtedly important. Sleeping makes you feel refreshed the next day so that you can focus on your daily routines. Moreover, sleeping also reduces the unflattering eye bags under your eyes. Unfortunately, not many people are able to get proper rest despite following the recommended amount of time for sleep. A body pillow gives you all the comfort you need for you to snuggle and have a restful sleep, no matter on your bed or on the living room couch. A body pillow provides additional support to your body while you are sleeping by enabling you to maintain a proper sleeping stature so you do not strain your neck and back. Body pillows are not used solely for sleeping only, but they can also provide support and comfort while you are reading in bed or snuggling on the couch watching TV.

Do Not Neglect Sleeping – Importance of Sleeping to the Body

Sleep is the best medicine that one can have, better than any drug or supplement available in the market. The benefits of a proper night’s rest are irrefutable and had been proven by professionals. Sleep brings many benefits our mental, physical, and emotional wellness, some of the key ones being:

Sleep helps to improve memory

During our schooling days, instead of having a proper night’s sleep before exams, we tend to do the opposite and burn the midnight oil so that we can cramp some last-minute revision into our brains. However, research has found that having proper rest improves your memory. Surprisingly, while you snooze, your mind is still active and it will subconsciously “practice” skills and strengthen memories experienced while you are still awake.

Curb inflammation

Inflammation is linked to many health problems such as heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes. People who do not get enough sleep – 6 hours or less per night – have higher risks of contracting these health problems compared to those who do.

Reduces stress levels and improves mood

With enough sleep, you will feel refreshed as your body as gotten sufficient rest, thus reducing your stress levels and improving your overall well-being. This indirectly improves your mood for the next day too, so you will not feel cranky and easily agitated.

How to Choose the Ideal Body Pillow for You

Not all body pillows are born equal. Choosing the right body pillow for you can be a little overwhelming, as they come in all shapes and sizes. Body pillows also vary in prices, depending on several factors such as size, filling, design, and where the body pillow is made. To help you make the best decision, here are some tips on how to choose the ideal body pillow for you:

Flexibility of use for the pillow

One factor to consider is how you will be using the body pillow. If you want to use the body pillow in multiple situations such as sitting up in bed, cuddling on the sofa, supporting your back while you are driving, et cetera, then a longer body pillow is more suitable and provide more versatility than a short body pillow. A petite body pillow is best to support you for travelling.

Person using the body pillow

When you are choosing a body pillow, you should consider for whom is the body pillow for. If the body pillow is for a child or elderly person, then you might want a smaller, petite body pillow. Most adults are fine with a standard body pillow.

Where to Buy Body Pillows in Malaysia

You can now easily purchase body pillows in Malaysia online via iPrice Malaysia. Trusted online merchants such as Lazada, Light In The Box and Qoo10 provide us with comfortable body pillows at affordable prices; some even come with themes such as superheroes and your favourite anime characters. Check them out now and pamper yourself to a better night’s rest that you rightfully deserve!