A bed without bedding is like wearing shoes without socks. It’s possible but uncomfortable. Find out what kind of bedding suits your needs best here.

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Get the Most Comfortable Bedding in Malaysia

While bedding isn’t complicated, not all of us are Martha Stewarts with a flair for housekeeping. The truth is some of us do not know what to put on a naked bed and there are a lot of options for bedding in the market. But there is no need to worry. By the end of this article, you will be able to tell whether you need a duvet, comforter, quilt, or all of the above.

Things to Know to Tell Your Bedding Apart

What are Duvets?

Duvets are a soft flat bag containing down, feather, wool, silk or a synthetic alternative. It’s typically protected with a removable duvet cover, which means you can sleep under one without a top bed sheet. Duvets come in different togs which indicates its level of heat insulation.

‘Comforter’ is the American Word for Duvet

Comforters and duvets are essentially the same. However, a comforter can sometimes refer to a type of bedding that is thinner than a duvet that is draped over a top sheet.

What About Quilts?

Quilts differ from other types of bedding in that they are many pieces of cloths stitched together to make a comfortable whole. Quilts are bedding composed of three layers: a top woven cloth, batting and a bottom woven layer. All three layers are stitched together, usually in a decorative pattern. Quilt covers are also available in every pattern, theme, colour and material.

Which One is a Blanket?

'Blanket' is a blanket term for any layer of bedding that is thrown over bedsheets for the purpose of warmth and comfort. This includes quilts, duvets, and comforters. It can also refer to throw blankets, which are smaller and are used for decorative purposes.

How Many Types of Bedsheets are There?

There are two types of bedsheets: top and bottom. The bottom bed sheet is the one that goes over your mattress. The top bed sheet is placed on top of the sleeping occupant but under any blanket, duvet, quilt of comforter. This top bed sheet can be changed every night to keep a high level of sanitation and is especially handy when cleaning out bedding for different guests.

What is Thread Count and Should I Care?

Thread count is a number of threads crossed vertically and horizontally per square inch of a bed sheet. The rule of thumb is: the higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet. Thread count starts at 200 and can go all the way to 1000. That being said, a bed sheet with a 200 thread count can still be very comfortable if finished nicely.

Buying Bedding in Malaysia - A Few More Things to Consider

Before you race off to buy a comfort set with matching 800-thread count bedsheets and other requisite bed linen, here are a few things to keep in mind. Remember to get a set that corresponds to the size of your bed, whether it be king or queen, double or single. And try for a set that matches the wall paint and decor of your bedroom. This is the place where you come to rest your head at the end of the day. Best to get it right.