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Bedroom Malaysia: For all your bedroom needs

In this busy, fast-paced life that we live in, we all seek for the perfect sanctuary where we can unwind and rejuvenate. Since your home is where your heart is, it is the perfect place to kicks off your shoes and let your hair loose. And in between the four walls of your home, your perfect sanctuary will always be your bedroom. Your bedroom is your own personal space where you dive into dreamland, store all your precious treasures and a place where you can press the “reset” button for a new day tomorrow.

Bedroom Malaysia: What makes a bedroom

It is proven that most people spend most of their time in the bedroom than any other room in their house. And since bedrooms come in all styles, shapes and sizes, there are some basic essential that you need in your bedroom to call it a bedroom.

  • Bed: What is a bedroom without a bed? In your bedroom the bed will be the main focus point of your room. A bed too small won’t give you the sleep you need and a bed too big will take up too much space and crowd your room. It is essential to pick the right bed for your room before you enhance it more with bed sheets, pillows and quilts.
  • Dresser: Every bedroom needs a dresser for a more organized and proper look. The second most important piece of your bedroom furniture, the dresser helps you store all your clothes, linens, lingerie and any other stuff from wandering eyes. Make sure to find a suitable dresser that harmonizes well with all the furniture and deco in your room.
  • Chair/Couch: No matter if it’s a giant chaise longue or a mismatched bean bag, you’ll want to sit somewhere else other than the side of your bed. It is great to have a place to sit where you can do any extra reading before your bedtime, or to tie your shoelace before you leave your room. Plus, it also adds color and style to your bedroom.
  • Nightstand: You nightstand is one of the last thing that you see before you retire for the day and the first thing you see when you wake up from your deep slumber. This small cabinet beside your bed is always seen as unnecessary bedroom furniture but you know that is not true. This is where you keep all your night essentials like glasses, medications, a glass of water and the alarm clock and saves you a trip out of your bed.

Bedroom Malaysia: Know your bedroom colors

Before you start designing your room, the first thing that you should consider is the color of your bedroom. Colors have the power to change the shape and the size of the bedroom itself and it is that each color that you choose has its own psychological power. Here are 4 most common bedroom colors and how it can affect your bedroom.


Red is not considered a restful color for it is always associated with passion, love, emotion and energy. It also promotes courage and fearlessness. You can always use red to spice up your relationship or when you are in need of some self-confidence boost. It is always better to use red moderately, like the color of the sheets, pillows or even other bedroom deco.


Blue is known for being a color that radiates calmness, serenity, loyalty, and encourages efficiency. It helps you to purify your thinking and helps you see a clearer picture in the midst of all your life’s clutter. But blue can also be cold and unwelcoming and it is best paired with white for a more fresh look for your bedroom.


Green is a very calming color for it is the color of nature. It promotes the feeling of well-being, harmony, security, and balance. It is also known to help in concentration and creative thoughts. Green is also a favorite color for a baby’s room for it helps to keep that child calm. It is best to use different shades of green for a bedroom so that it does not look too laid back.


Yellow is always linked to happiness, laughter and good times. It is proven that a person that is always surrounded by yellow feels optimistic for the brain releases more serotonin when in contact with this color. It is also known for enhancing intelligence and mental agility. Go for darker shades of yellow, nearing the golden shades for it is more suitable for a bedroom.