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10 essential makeup products for beginners

It may be an overwhelming experience when you just start off learning about the world of makeup. This is a common occurrence for makeup beginners as there are too many products in the market nowadays. Moreover, amateurs who have no prior knowledge of makeup should follow a step-by-step guide and stick to products that they are certain may beautify their looks or hide any blemishes.

For whatever reason you choose to start applying makeup, here are 10 essential makeup products for beginners.


Many long time makeup wearers will opt to skip this step as they feel that it is not necessary. However, applying primer before everything else is a crucial step as it creates a smooth and consistent layer so that your makeup application will look even smoother and last longer on your face. Depending on the type of skin you have, you should choose a primer which works the best. For dry skin, the best type of primer should be a moisturizing or water based. On the other hand, primer for oily skin should be of a less hydrating type which is ideal for keeping the skin matte and hide unsightly pores.


This product is the best way to conceal all blemishes and dark circles. It is especially beneficial for people with acne-prone skin. Certain concealers in the market are enriched with acne treatment which has more benefits than just covering up marks. It is also ideal to mix up concealers with other products such as moisturizers and face creams to have a more even makeup application.


It is essential to have Becca foundation in your makeup bag as it evens out the skin tone of your face and gives you a flawless complexion. Some people prefer not to use foundation as it might look heavy and cakey. In cases like this, you can opt for a tinted moisturizer instead, which is the lighter version of foundation.

Face powder

Becca face powders are great way to set your makeup and are often used as an alternative to liquid foundation. It is light and easy to use and usually comes in a compact size that can be carried everywhere. Face powders are often used for touching up especially during humid days when your face tends to get oily. Thus, it is an essential makeup product for every beginner.

Tinted Lip balms

For a more natural makeup look, tinted lip balms are a suitable alternative for lipsticks. These are one of the most sought after products for women of all ages as it can be used on a regular basis. Tinted lip balms do not just add colour to your lips, it helps to make it look more healthy and luscious. Moreover, this balm keeps your lips entirely free from damaging properties which might dry or darken the lips. There are certain lip balms that are made with beneficial ingredients such as beeswax, honey and other essential oils which will keep your dry lips at bay. Tinted lip balms are also suitable to be used with other lipsticks to ideally enrich the colour on the lips.


Makeup amateurs should always opt for liquid eyeliners as it comes with a fine tip that will easily help you draw sharp, thin lines. Furthermore, it is ideal to purchase a waterproof eyeliner so that it is smudge proof which can last for longer hours and are resistant to sweat or water.


If you ever wondered how girls achieve long luscious eyelashes, then mascara is the solution! It is an essential in most girls’ book as it helps to open up the eyes, making it look refreshed and can be used on a daily basis without hassle. Moreover, the product is easy to apply and helps your lashes to look thicker and longer.

Brow pencil

Your eyebrows are essential to make your makeup look complete whether it is natural or dramatic. Filling or shaping your eyebrow with a brow pencil will help to frame your face.

Eyeshadow palette

It is not necessary to get a full on eyeshadow palette because honestly, you do not need that many colours. Therefore, start off with neutral eyeshadow colours such as gold, bronze or copper. From there, you can mix up with other bold eyeshadow colours.

Makeup tools

There is no point purchasing makeup without any makeup tools. No matter how basic your makeup is going to be, it is still necessary to purchase at least one brush. Typically, there are a total of 5 makeup tools that should be found in your makeup bag such as the foundation brush, powder brush, eyeshadow blending brush, angled brush, and pencil brush.