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BEC ute handy potty Portable kid toilet bowl (YYR348)
RM 68.00

🚽便携式坐便器🚽(YYR348) 今日汇款🏧明日发货📮 随时随地让孩子干净方便的解放 可以放包里🎒车里🚗 规格:高约2⃣5⃣CM 宽约1⃣0⃣.5⃣CM 材质:塑料PP+ABS 📠WeChat: 是不是有堵车或旅游的时候,在旅途上想找个洗手间得等到服务区?还是在给孩子找角落方便?是不是还在给孩子准备瓶子? 请妈妈们看过来,独家韩国设计的便携式小便尿壶,可以放包里,放车里方便不说,随时随地为孩子提供干净方便的解尿器。再也不用憋到服务区了~另外晚上要给宝宝把尿的话,这样的一个小尿壶方便的没话可讲了,妈妈们看图吧。……………… 【规格】高约25cm,直径约23CM 宽约10.5 【颜色】颜色分黄色和粉色。下单备注,不备注随机发 🚽 Portable toilet bowl (YYR348) Remittances today 🏧 tomorrow delivery 📮 Keep your child clean and comfortable at any time Can be placed in the car Specification: about 2 ⃣ 5 ⃣ CM wide and about 1 ⃣ 0 ⃣ .5 ⃣ CM Material: Plastic PP+ABS 📠WeChat: Do you have to wait for a toilet in the service area when you have a traffic jam or travel? Or is it convenient for children to find a corner? Is it still preparing the bottle for the child? Let mothers look over and the exclusive Korean portable urine can be put in the bag. It's convenient not to put it in the car, and it can provide the child with a clean and convenient urinary excrement anytime, anywhere. No longer have to go to the service area ~ another night to give your baby to urine, such a small urinal convenient and nothing to say, and mothers look at it. .................. [specification] about 25cm high, about 23CM in diameter and about 10.5 in width [Color] The color is yellow and pink. Order note, do not note random send

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