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Look your best and feel pampered with these awesome nail care products from Beauties Factory! Click here to learn more about the nail care products that the brand has to offer.

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Give your Nails the Proper Care with these gorgeous Beauties Factory Nail Care Malaysia products!

Use Beauties Factory Nail Care Malaysia to Achieve that Symbol of Aristocracy and Status

A manicure session is one of the many things that women like to do when they feel that they are in need of a pampering session. Today’s nail salons offer various kinds of nail care services and products for all women to choose from. But did you know that nail care long ago is so much more than just fashion and glamor? That’s right. In various cultures, nail care (or rather nail colors) were used as a way to differentiate royalty, aristocracy and the common folk from one another.

Of course in today’s culture, such things don’t usually apply. However, proper nail care is great in a way that it will let people know that you have proper grooming skills and will go a long way to impressing them. Today, we have nail care products from Beauties Factory that have been specially made to up your nail game and ensure that your nails are worthy of the royalties and aristocracy of old.

Looking Gorgeous All the Time with Beauties Factory Nail Care Malaysia

Nail care encompasses a wide range of products. From bizarre nail colors to nail treatments, each product is made to ensure that your nails will look beautiful. As Beauties Factory is a brand dedicated to ensuring that their customers will look great all the time, the brand is home to a wide variety of nail care products that are easy to use.

While most would opt to go to a beauty salon and be pampered while getting proper nail care treatment, not everyone has the time or the money for such services, which is where Beauties Factory comes in. The brand is has a wide range of nail care products that lets you achieve salon worthy nails without ever having to visit a professional manicurist.

Among the various products that the brand has to offer, it is without a doubt that their range of Beauties Factory Cheez! Soak-Off Color Gel Polish is impressive. This range of products includes a wide variety of colors and finishes so that the brand’s customers can take their time choosing which polishes they would be interested in. From the name, it is clear that these polishes are not like your normal nail polish. So, here are the ways that you can get the most out of one of Beauties Factory’s Cheez! Soak-Off Color Gel Polish:

  1. Firstly, apply one coat of Cheez! Soak-Off Foundation Base Gel. Do not apply the polish straight to your bare nails as it will make removal difficult.
  2. Once the base gel is dry, apply your selected Beauties Factory Cheez! Soak-Off Color Gel Polish.
  3. Using a Beauties Factory UV Gel Curing Dryer, leave polish to dry for 2-4 minutes under the UV light. And now you are ready to show off your awesome nails to the world.

    Removing the polish is a little harder though. You will need nail files or emery boards, cotton swabs, aluminum foil, acetone and a cuticle stick and the following tips:

    1. Firstly, scrape as much of the gel polish as possible off your nails with the nail file/emery board. This will allow the acetone to soak in better.
    2. Soak cotton swabs in acetone and then place them on your nails. Wrap your nails in the aluminum foil. Ensure that the foils are wrapped tightly enough to prevent leakage.
    3. Leave them on for 15-20 minutes before removing them.
    4. Using the cuticle stick, peel the gel nail off.
    5. If required, massage some cuticle oil into your nails.

      Enhancing Your Natural Radiance with Beauties Factory Nail Care Malaysia products

      Use Beauties Factory awesome products that will keep you looking beautiful and feeling pampered. Add a bit of color and shine to your nails with Beauties Factory Nail Polish products. If you can’t find what you need from Beauties Factory, then have a look at ourNail Care products from popular brands likeOPI,Essie andZoya.