Get a load of a brand that has come from humble beginnings but brought to the world spotlight with Bay Go Mall. Bringing fashion to the pinnacle of trends, Bay Go Mall in Malaysia comes out with clothing to make you look fashionable and cool. Want to know more about Bay Go Mall in Malaysia? Read more here, or browse the product selection below


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Look naturally beautiful with Bay Go Mall clothing in Malaysia

It’s typical of men to dress in the very basic outfits. They love to keep it simple, often times recycling their clothes every few days. But for some, fashion and good looks are priority. Catered to these select few, Bay Go Mall brings the best trends of men’s clothing, along with it, a culture of well-dressed gentlemen. Bay Go Mall in Malaysia is particularly famous for helping men dress sharp and stand out in a crowd. From blazers to dress pants, you know you can’t go wrong with Bay Go Mall clothes in Malaysia. Find out more about Bay Go Mall online with the links below or browse the selection above to choose your fashion.

Bay Go Mall – A funny name, a great history

It is said tough times produce tough people. The same can be said about Bay Go Mall as a company. As you may have guessed, Bay Go Mall is the name of the designer who gave life to this fashion mogul. Born in 1959 in Korea, Woo Younmy found creativity to be part and parcel of daily life. Bringing her abstract ideas into the fashion world in 1988, launching a series of men’s fashion, she was able to create her own line of clothing. Collaborating with daughter Katie Chung, Bay Go Mall’s global expansion happened within a few years and now is one of the top brands in fashion. Today, the name sparks excitement in the hearts of fashion and couture aficionados all over the world. You too can have the Bay Go Mall’s sleek, trendy styling at the lowest prices. Read more to find out about Bay Go Mall selection.

Bay Go Mall – The ultimate brand for men

Choosing the perfect styling for men can sometimes be tricky. We don’t want to overdo it, yet we want to stand out in a crowd. Bay Go Mall for men features clothing that hits the sweet spot in fashion sense. Not only can you upgrade your wardrobe, you have unlimited choice of colours, textures, fabrics and comfort. Let’s look at some of Bay Go Mall choices of clothing for available online. Here are some of Bay Go Mall’s best choices online:

  • Bay Go Mall M lange Hooded Long Cardigan
  • Bay Go Mall Letter Star Printed Capri Jogger Pants
  • Bay Go Mall Knit Panel Hoodie
  • Bay Go Mall Striped Panel Couple Matching Pullover
  • Bay Go Mall Couple Matching Furry Trim Hooded Padded Coat

You will immediately recognize the style and quality in every name mentioned above. Classy and elegant materials used to give a suave feel to any clothing ensemble.

Clothing made to fit any physique

It’s hard to find clothing that fits every physique. But Bay Go Mall does that elegantly. Making sizes that neatly wrap around the contour of your body, you can dress yourself to look bigger or leaner. Even for those who are considered petite, Bay Go Mall does that elegantly. Making sizes that neatly wrap around the contour of your body, you can dress yourself to look bigger or leaner. Even for those who are considered petite, Bay Go Mall has something for you. Slip in to a slim fit wool shirt or a baggy, breezy long pants to compliment your stature.

Bay Go Mall is catered to both the young and old. Whether you want to look more matured or look younger, take a look at Bay Go Mall’s selection and we guarantee you will find something useful.

Get your Bay Go Mall clothing online in Malaysia

The Hooded Zip Long Jacket, M lange Hooded Long Cardigan and Letter Inset Leggings are among the bestselling products from Bay Go Mall. Surprisingly affordable for the quality they offer, Bay Go Mall products are usually between RM 43.00 - RM 1063.00. From Clothing, Shoes and Jewellery, Bay Go Mall sells a wide range of products that would meet the needs of every person. The most popular Bay Go Mall products come in Silver, Multicolour and Brown. iprice offers a wide range of Bay Go Mall with discounts up to 50%.