Aside from sleeping and eating, taking care of your hygiene is one of the fundamental activities we must do as human beings. Taking a shower, whether it’s a quick rinse or a thorough wash, should be part of your everyday routine. With the right kind of shower head, you can make showers much more enjoyable. Read more about shower head in the article below.

Do large shower heads use more water? | How can I get more pressure from my shower head? | What is the best shower head?


All You Need to Know About Shower Head in Malaysia

It might seem like such a minute factor, but getting the right shower head is important if you want an enjoyable shower experience. You don’t have to opt for fancy shower heads with jets and additional features, but it should spray sufficient water with a strong enough pressure.

Different Types of Shower Head

Fixed Shower Head

Fixed shower heads are that that are mounted on the wall of your bathroom. They are usually small in size but it can definitely deliver on the water pressure department. Depending on the model, you can also change the water pattern, highly useful if you need a little massage. You can find this type of shower head in bathrooms at the gym, the pool, and more. They offer a no-frills, straightforward experience.

Handheld Shower Head

You can find handheld shower heads in the bathroom of many households due to the convenience that it provides. Having a handheld shower head allows you to cover regions that are hard to reach if you have a fixed shower head instead. Some people opt to get a hybrid shower head, a combination of fixed and handheld to get the best of both worlds. If a dual shower head is not your cup of tea, you can still place a handheld shower head in its holder to have a hands-free experience.

Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are probably the fanciest kind of shower head there is. It is meant to emulate the feeling of being drenched in the rain and it is done through mounting the shower head from the ceiling or high up on the wall. They typically have a larger diameter to be able to engulf the person in the water.

Filtered Shower Head

Filtered shower heads are great for those looking to improve the condition of their skin and hair. They filter out chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water that can cause breakouts, dry hair, and so on. You don’t have to get a brand new filtered shower head as there are filters you can attach to your current shower head.

Do large shower heads use more water?

A large shower head does not use more water compared to a smaller shower head. What’s different is the water pressure as the bigger the diameter, the more spread-out the water will be, hence, weaker water pressure.

How can I get more pressure from my shower head?

The first thing you can do is to clean the shower head from any grime. Next, do a thorough check for leaks, kinks on the hose, and flow restriction. If that doesn’t make a difference in the water pressure, you may want to consider upgrading your shower head. Opt for smaller shower heads that could guarantee a strong water pressure. Additional ways to increase the water pressure are installing a shower pump and improve the plumbing in your bathroom.

What is the best shower head?

Some of the best shower head products in the market today are:

  • Waterpik High-Pressure Powerpulse 9-Spray
  • High Sierra All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Showerhead
  • Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower
  • Aquadance 7-inch Premium Rainfall Combo
  • American Standard Spectra eTouch

You can get these shower head products online through trusted marketplaces like Lazada Malaysia and Shopee Malaysia. The price of the products depends on the brand, model, and specification. Save more when you shop with the latest promo codes on iPrice.