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Don't forget to grab the most popular Bath Mats such as the (Size S) Ready Stock,, New Pattern,, Set Kitchen ( Bathroom) Mat / Alas Kaki Dapur (Bilik Mandi) 3D 2In1, Straw Lizard Hammock Lizard Straw Mat Lizard Nest Pet Reptiles Straw Mat With Suction Cup and Odorless Bathroom Anti-Slip Mat Bath Shower Queen Massage Mat With Suction Cup Toilet Sanitary Interval Waterfront Mat無味浴室防滑墊洗澡淋浴大號帶吸盤按摩腳墊廁所衛生間隔水地墊子Fhy1St.My 10.15. The hottest Bath Mats in Malaysia right now are from Nanan, NEW and new brand. The prices for Bath Mats usually range from RM 8.00 to RM 1,297.00. Most Bath Mats come in various colors like Yellow, White and Red.  You can always grab 79% on Bath Mats if you shop at iPrice Malaysia!