It is always nice to get a massage once in a while as it relaxes your mind, body, and soul. What better way to get a massage in the comforts of your own home with massage chairs in Malaysia.


Types of massage chairs in Malaysia

There are so many types of massage chairs in the market these days that it can be overwhelming to the normal consumer when making a purchase. The best way to get the most comfort and value out of a massage chair is to know what your needs are. Massage chairs are safe to be used on a daily basis, so you can relieve your muscle pain whenever you need. There are even massagers that can be placed in the car! Here’s a simple guide on the many types of massage chairs available in the industry.

Heat Therapy

Even if you don’t often use this feature, having a massage chair with heating option adds a nice touch. Heat therapy has a lot of benefits, particularly on your muscles and joints. It is known to ease tension, soreness, and promote internal healing when it is paired with massage functions. On top of that, you will see a significant difference when it comes to relaxation. Do be reminded that you should limit yourself to only half an hour while using the heat.


One of the most popular massage chairs are the reclining types which are technically a lazy boy with massage features. Most of these chairs are made with nice material like leather and blends well with the furniture of your home.

Zero Gravity

Similar to a recliner, the massage chairs are known as zero gravity as it simulates the position when astronauts are about fly into outer space. There are many benefits of this massage chair as it helps to relieve joint and bone pain while getting rid of any muscle tension that might have been accumulated over long days. Since the chair allows you to completely lay flat, the vertebra in your spine will start to stretch and realign itself which is a form of inversion therapy.


If you have a budget, but still in need of a massage chair, the Ottoman is your best bet. Compared to other massage chairs, Ottomans have come a long way and are good choices for any home setup. These types of chairs mainly provide comfort that the actual massage features. Nevertheless, it still serves the purpose of a massage chair and is rather affordable too!


Installed with a plethora of airbags, the air massage chairs provide a very soft massage rather than an intricate one. The airbags often come with a roller feature and is able to apply more pressure to the back while working systematically with the airbags to provide a great full body massage experience.


These massage chairs are installed with rollers to simulate the sensation of a Shiatsu massage. The rollers ease tension of the muscles and can travel deep into it. People with chronic pain will benefit the most from this chair as it helps to role out the muscle soreness.

Other than massage chairs, you can try other forms of relaxation such as body oils and aromatherapy.