Bath and Body Works is known for its variety of fragrances and candles. One of their most popular product lines is the mist, which is affordable and of high quality. They’re a great cheaper alternative that will make anyone smell Read more about Bath and Body Works Malaysia mists in the article below.


Bath and Body Works Mist Frequently Asked Questions

What is a body mist used for?

A Bath and Body Works mist is a lighter, more refreshing take on the classic body spray. It’s used by those who prefer to layer a non-overbearing scent which can be the case for most perfumes with a high concentration of essential oil. Bath and Body Works mists are also great alternatives for more casual days.

Which one are Bath and Body Works body mist best seller?

Some of Bath and Body Works fragrance mist best seller are:

  • Perfect Peony
  • Gingham
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Midnight
  • Ocean
  • Night Blooming Jasmine
  • Into the Night
  • A Thousand Wishes
  • In the Stars
  • Rose
  • Forever Red
  • Hello Beautiful

These scents are also available in the forms of lotion, Eau de perfume, body wash, body cream, and candles. Other best-selling scents are seasonal, following the seasons and weather in North America (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Check the online catalogue on their website to see which scents are available and which scents are retired.

How long does Bath and Body Works Body mist last?

A fragrance mist from Bath and Body Works would typically last for 2-3 hours before you need to reapply. BBW body mist has less essential oil concentration than Eau de perfume so you need to keep reapplying and building the scent throughout the day. Mists are perfect for those looking for a light and airy fragrance to incorporate to their daily beauty routines.

How much alcohol is in Bath and Body Works fragrance mist?

Since most perfume and fragrances need to be concentrated to create a long-lasting scent, fragrance mists from Bath and Body Works contain alcohol. However, the level of alcohol contained in a fragrance mist will not impact the scent or cause dryness and other side effects on your skin.

Can I buy Bath and Body Works fragrance mists online?

Yes. Although Bath and Body Works Malaysia does not have an official online store, you can browse through product listings on iPrice and other merchants like Shopee and Lazada. You can check out the complete catalogue on the official website and make the purchase elsewhere. When buying from third party websites, make sure you can guarantee the authenticity of the products.