If you are looking to travel, looking to have an adventure of a lifetime, let Barry Smith keep you company. Barry Smith bags in Malaysia come with premium luxury and durable quality to outlive your entire journey. Start looking for the best in Barry Smith products in Malaysia by browsing the products below or find out more here.


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Barry Smith – the experts on travel luggage in Malaysia

Travel is one way to broaden one’s worldview. The ability to visit other lands to gain knowledge and experience has become one of life’s luxuries for most of us. Amid all the excitement of packing for a trip, we do wonder if our luggage bags are suitable. Today, Barry Smith, the experts in travel luggage and household comfort equipment is here in Malaysia to help you answer your questions. Specializing in the science of preserving personal belongings during travel, Barry Smith luggage is designed to go where you go. Not only that, Barry Smith also provides for home comfort such as bedroom pillows and so on. Get all your luggage and home needs from Barry Smith on iprice. Find out c7 with the links below or browse the products above.

The right kind of baggage with Barry Smith

Originating from the United Kingdom, Barry Smith has developed travel bags that are now known throughout the world. You may know Barry Smith from the multi-coloured suitcases or duffel bags you occasionally see at airports and other tourist destinations. Since its founding, Barry Smith has marketed to many places such as Singapore, Macau, Australia, Hong Kong and even Malaysia. Invented by travellers for travellers, Barry Smith showcases a variety of travel gear such as:

  • Barry Smith backpacks
  • Barry Smith duffel bags
  • Barry Smith hard luggage
  • Barry Smith soft luggage
  • Barry Smith travel accessories
  • Barry Smith trolley backpack

Barry Smith has got a huge variety, everything you could think of. Wherever you travel, you’ll have a Barry Smith bag to accompany you. Read more to find out about Barry Smith.

Travel with peace of mind with Barry Smith

Thinking of hitting the pristine beaches of the Bahamas? Want to run into the thick rainforest in Machu Pichu? Or are you looking to get to the top of Himalayas with your buddies? Take comfort in knowing that wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, Barry Smith is there to secure your belongings and life supplies every step of the way. Let’s look at what Barry Smith bags you could get from iprice. Here are some of Barry Smith’s most prominent products for you:

Barry Smith Laptop bags such as the Barry Smith BSSR 0008 Laptop Backpack protects the all your electronics in style.

Barry Smith Foldable bags that comes in a variety of colours like pink, blue and black allow for you to customize your travel.

Barry Smith 4-Wheeled luggage like the Barry Smith 20" Abs 4 Wheeler Hardcase give you the room you need to store all your stuff while the hard outer casing protects it during transit.

Barry Smith even comes in with accessories for travel such as the Barry Smith All in One International travel adaptor that adapts wherever you travel to. Why carry a few when all you need is one?

Barry Smith luggage

When travelling, there are a few points we think of in terms of transporting our personal belongings. The most likely of the lot come out in protection of your belongings, extra room for each item, overall security and the ability to move your items inside the bag without being too much hassle. Barry Smith travel luggage bags do exactly this with precision and premium quality. Wheels on the luggage suitcase, ergonomic handles, multiple compartments of different sizes and locking capabilities are all part of what makes up the Barry Smith premium suitcases. Some of Barry Smith’s best suitcases are:

  • Barry Smith 20" 8 Wheeler Expandable Hardcase Luggage
  • Barry Smith 20" 4 Wheeler Expandable ABS Hard Case Luggage
  • Barry Smith Expandable 4 Wheel Spinner Soft Luggage

If bulky check-in luggage bags are not your forte, why not check out other types of Barry Smith bags.

Barry Smith laptop bags, duffel bags and more!

Travelling light is always a sure start to having a great trip. Whether for work or leisure, Barry Smith bags accommodate your things into every nook and cranny. Barry Smith laptop bags secure your electronics such as laptops, chargers, adaptors and electronic media. Choose from the classic Barry Smith Laptop Backpack (BSSR 0005), Barry Smith Briefbag with Leather Trim, or a 2-in-one Barry Smith Laptop Trolley Backpack BS88121-4 variant to accompany you during your trip. Barry Smith duffel bags also make the perfect travel companion for when you’re running away from home or hiking up the mountain. For more enjoyable options, check out the Barry Smith bags page.

Organize your travel with Barry Smith accessories

Ok, now you know about Barry Smith bags. Let’s take a look into other merchandise Barry Smith has to offer. Coming in with durability and functionality, Barry Smith accessories are highly desirable for any traveller Barry Smith accessories include 3-Dial Locks for luggage bags, leather luggage tags, handy waist pouches to store your coins, passport and so on, and luggage straps to fasten all your bags and personal belongings together. You wouldn’t want them all over the place during a flight would you? For those of you who are messy, Barry Smith Organizers make the perfect gift. Get one and start getting your life together!

Barry Smith bags in Malaysia at amazing prices

Now that you know more about Barry Smith, it’s time to get shopping. There is no other brand you would want to take with you than Barry Smith. With that said, where would you get the best rate for Barry Smith bags and accessories? The answer is simple. Shop online for the best of Barry Smith with Barry Smith online store on iprice. You’ll find the most attractive rebates on Barry Smith bags in Malaysia with no hassle. Don’t hesitate any longer. Get shopping now! Happy shopping!

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