Baofeng the first and only handheld Radio with LED flashlight on the top of it. A single mini button on the left side of the radio, to activate the light and turn it off. A unique Baofeng radio with a built-in flashlight to use in case of emergency. For more visit: Baofeng Malaysia!


Baofeng radio in Malaysia | Simply the Best!

History overview of Baofeng Malaysia

Baofeng Malaysia is a professional handheld transceiver manufacturer and a high-tech enterprise. Since started, Baofeng has been concentrating on the research & development of radio communication. And company allocated an R&D team in the radio communication field and a Baofeng electronics development team. Baofeng has at least 400 staff, own production base, high capacity, and quality control. Baofeng is one of the main providers of wireless communication equipment in Malaysia.

They also performed and use an advanced testing instruments to test their products to make sure the stability and high quality are well-maintained. The Baofeng production procedures are strictly followed the ISO 9001: 2008 standards and each product have a various testing like vibration, anti-pressure and temperature testing before delivered. In this way, Baofeng is sure enough that the product is 100% qualified. Baofeng radio has been acknowledged in every region of Asia and even built up a distributions network all over Malaysia.

Baofeng Malaysia | 2 Type of Baofeng radio - Amateur and Commercial!

Baofeng Radio for Amateur (Ham Radio) User

Amateur radio users enjoy the art of communication. With the best equipment that supports the club's and local repeater's requirements. The latest Ham models are now produce 8 Watts, to give just a little bit more power to reach that repeater in clear frequency.

Baofeng Radio for Commercial Environment

Commercial radio users need reliable equipment to use on their private commercial frequencies. And luckily, Baofeng Malaysia radios are legal with Part 90 certification and requirements for commercial usage. Baofeng radios are works on current analog UHF and VHF frequencies.

Baofeng latest radio transceiver | Malaysia's market

Baofeng UV

  • 5R is a dual-band ham radio transceiver and operates on both VHF and UHF frequencies.
  • VHF on the Baofeng UV-5R rates from 136 to 174 MHz at 4 watts.
  • UHF rates from 400 to 480 MHz at 1 watt. It is Part 90 and 2013 FCC certified.
  • Baofeng radio has an LED light, FM radio and emergency alert.
  • Baofeng UV-5R features an SMA connector, 128 memories, and a high-capacity 1800-mAh Li-ion battery.

Baofeng UV-3R

  • A cost-effective ham radio those on a tighter budget.
  • Baofeng UV-3R is dual band display and dual watch with frequency ranges of 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 470 MHz.
  • UV-3R has an emergency alert and FM capability also, with an average battery life of 10 hours.
  • The UV-3r radio is available in different colors like yellow, red, and a camouflage.

Baofeng UV-5RA

  • A version of the UV-5R it has a rounded chassis, but different firmware and programming.
  • The UV-5RA features an LED flashlight, a dual band display, and dual watch capabilities. This Baofeng radio has frequency ranges of 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 480 MHz.
  • Baofeng UV-5RA is Part 90 FCC certified and receives FM broadcast band at a range of 68 to 108 MHz.
  • With an emergency alert, auto backlight, battery saving, and 128 memories.

Baofeng BF-888s

  • Ithas a simple design with a few function buttons.
  • It is lightweight and can use as a walkie talkie. It has a frequency range of 400 to 470 MHz, emergency alert, and LED light flashlight.
  • Buyers should buy a USB programming cable to program radio transceiver using software online.

Baofeng UV-100

  • A dual band display ham radio transceiver.
  • It features 99 channels and has a frequency range of 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 470 MHz.
  • This radio has an emergency and low battery alert, and large LCD display.
  • As with other Baofeng radios, the UV-100 has a handy LED flashlight. The 1200-mAh Li-ion battery boasts a usage of 10 hours with battery saver.

Baofeng UV-B5

  • Itcomes with dual band display and watch features.
  • It has frequency ranges from 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 470 MHz.
  • The UV-B5 has 99 channels, with 16 channels to save FM stations.
  • It has noise reduction and relay forwarding feature for higher transceiver capabilities.
  • With a high and low power switchover and an 1800-mAh battery that provides 10 hours of life.

Baofeng UV-5RC

  • A compact and economical ham radio transceiver with FM radio capabilities in the 65 to 108 MHz frequency range.
  • It is Part 90 FCC certified and has transceiver ranges of 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 480 MHz. The 1800-mAh Li-ion battery helps the UV-5RC hold for up to 12 hours.
  • It also features an LED flashlight, emergency alarm, and frequency step setting.

Baofeng Radio Certification

Because of their product durability and power consistency, Baofeng Malaysia radio received a lot of Certification and System Approval. Few of them are:

  • UV-3R and UV-5R series transceivers got CE Certificate approval (CE NO.: 0678)
  • UV-3R series transceivers got RoHS approval (RoHS No.: 1103182)
  • UV-5R series transceivers also got FCC from the USA and RoHS approval.
  • Baofeng got ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate Approval

Important information; Baofeng radio!

Baofeng radio safe and legal

Baofeng radios are certified and compliant with the FCC regulations. You can customize and lockout the features or menus that you do not want to have access to. Just do the setting up and locking out, so you enjoy Baofeng radio privacy. All Baofeng radios can communicate on a narrow area as FCC required.

Baofeng privacy tone

Baofeng radios work with CTCSS, DCS, and DTMF tones. Baofeng radios not only send tones but also, can block unwanted tone traffic. DTMF tones allow customization such as sending a unit's identification or radio commands controlled.

Baofeng Malaysia is one of the fastest growing brands in radio transceiver industry because of their radios ability, capabilities, and advanced features. Baofeng radios are dual band and intended to deliver the greatest performance in any kind of area. With the functionality and designs, Baofeng radio allowed us to communicate clearly.