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banila co. Malaysia: Beauty that is Sweet and Contemporary

banila co. Malaysia: A new wave of Beauty

There is a never ending flood of K-Beauty products in the market. No surprise there as South Korea places much importance on beauty (i.e.: smooth, fair skin that looks natural). With the wide array of K-Beauty brands that keep on popping up, it will be difficult for a girl to determine which brand to choose from. So if you are looking for a beauty brand that is practical and lives up to its beauty claims, then we are glad to tell you that banila co. is the answer.

Founded in 2005 by fashion company F & F, banila co. has since flourished into a cosmetics company that has astounded the world with its amazing products. Originally, the brand was developed to make makeup products for 20-30 year old women. But its practical, trendy makeup base range became so popular that the brand is now appreciated by a wider age range of women across Asia.

banila co.’s name was inspired by how well vanilla goes with any kind of dish. The ‘b’ in its name stands for beauty, beyond, bright, benefit, bless, body and so on. The brand aims to provide beauty sensibility for its customers and holds the value as well as charm of contemporary beauty in high regard.

banila co. Malaysia: The Look and Feel of Korean Beauty

With the influx of beauty products from the West, banila co. was created with the aim of rising above the Western beauty products and presenting the world with a new global beauty that will rise from the ranks of Korean women. Its products are created as not just a way to express pretty faces, but as a way for women to combine beauty with their lifestyles.

Take a look at a few of their popular products that we feel would be of interest to you:

banila co. Clean It Zero: This sorbet-like product is a lightweight cleanser has developed a cult following of its own due to its awesome makeup removing properties. The cleanser feels like a solid balm as it goes on, but quickly transforms into silky oil that dissolves stubborn makeup without stripping your skin’s natural oils!
banila co. Prime Primer Purity: The problem with having sensitive skin is the trouble with having to find beauty products that will not turn your skin red. With that thought in mind, banila co. came up with a makeup primer that is meant for people with sensitive skin. It is a lightweight primer that goes on smoothly to create a flawless clean canvas and helps makeup to stay put all day. Not only that, the primer is specially formulated to correct any redness of your irritated skin.
banila co. Prime Primer Finish Powder: A must-have finishing powder, the banila co. Prime Primer Finish Powder is a translucent powder that creates a velvet-like veil over the surface of your makeup in order to ensure that your makeup would stay put longer. The powder even helps control any shine and gives your makeup look a smooth, airbrushed finish. If you have problems with oily skin, then this powder is the perfect one for you due to its oil absorption capabilities that will keep your face looking fresh and clean all day.

    The brand is not only home to skincare and makeup products for women, but also has a little something for men. As beauty is not only confined to women, banila co. has come up with several interesting beauty products for men. Among them is the banila co. it Radiant Multiple CC for Men. This product is a water-base CC cream that is specially designed to suit men’s skin. It combines skincare and beauty into one neat little package that will take care of men’s skin all day. Mild and moisturizing, this product is perfect in helping to soothe irritated skin while also balancing the skin’s moisture level for a healthy, natural glow that comes from within.

    banila co. Malaysia: Where Beauty is a Lifestyle

    banila co. is a K-Beauty brand that places importance on how beauty products can be used to turn one’s daily life into a beautiful lifestyle. It is a brand that aims to allow women to express their individuality and natural beauty through the use of its products. If you can’t find what you need from the array of banila co. products that we have to offer, then take a look at the products from other K-Beauty brands that we have to offer:

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