Combining the best out of functionality and modernity, Bally is all about bringing the designs that are timeless yet relevant. Its popularity means that Bally has done its job right.


Bally Malaysia - Swiss Design Since 1851

“From the past and the present and looking to the future”
- Franck Durand, Artistic Director

Born out of a vision to create exquisite shoes from the finest leather, Bally aims to achieve this by using the most innovative craftsmanship. As a result, Bally shoes are renowned for creating marvelous masterpieces with strong senses of both modernity and functionality.

History & Heritage Of Bally Malaysia

Established as Bally & Co in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally, it was based in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. According to a popular legend, Carl Franz Bally was going to buy lace-up booties for his wife during a business trip to Paris in 1849. However, he actually bought twelve pairs of different sizes since he was unable to remember about her size. When visiting the factory in Paris, he discovered that each of the shoes contained buttons with elastic closures that were not unlike the ones that his family made back in Switzerland. Upon such realization, Carl was entertaining the idea of creating more jobs while enhancing the lives of others. As his family business was making elastic ribbons, Carl planned to include the production of shoes with the help of his brother. Such expansion of the family business could be seen in its employment of several designers as extra hands in making the shoes by hand. This was how Bally was founded in a village of Schönenwerd when the founder smelled the potential in transforming his family business.

In 1854, Bally built its first factory in the same village in order to make way for a more dedicated manufacturing process. Subsequently, Bally decided to employ 500 more craftsmen in 1860 as well as transforming the small village into a Company Town where tons of benefits such as social amenities and health care would be offered. The year 1870 saw the emergence of Bally as one of the leaders in the footwear industry as it bought imported American machinery which was revolutionary at that time. Starting in 1870, Bally began to grow bigger by expanding into Geneva and Montevideo. Later, Bally also expanded to Buenos Aires, Paris and London in just a short time.

Throughout the 1880s, Bally used the stylised Austrian mountains which was the birthplace of Carl Franz's ancestors as Bally crest; it proudly symbolized Bally's skill and success as one of the top visionary shoemakers in the world. The successes of Bally in the industry did not just stop as it continued to pioneer several novel innovations such as Zürich pump for women shoes design, utilizing the Goodyear welting techniques into its shoemaking process and other leather craftsmanship techniques as well. Remember Charlie Chaplin? Bally managed to get him in one of the most iconic advertisements that people still talked about to this day. Inheriting the tradition of continuing the pioneering spirit from its founder, Bally is still being recognized as one of the most illustrious shoemaker as it expands globally while introducing ready-to-wear and other accessories for both men and women.

Bally Malaysia - Redefining The Meaning Of Elegance & Excellence

Undoubtedly, having a long history of successes simply means that Bally has done its job exceptionally well especially when it comes to fulfilling the vision of its founder: designing products that have strong senses of both modernity and functionality.

Scribe Shoes
In conjunction with the 100th year anniversary of Bally, it celebrates such occasion by introducing the iconic Scribe shoes. Every Scribe shoes is made by hand in 200 steps and it takes six hours to complete. As one of the most famous and successful Bally products, Scribe shoes are said to be exemplifying both superior craftsmanship and quality in shoemaking.
Trainspotting Stripe
One of the most iconic Bally designs is the Trainspotting Stripe which is actually inspired by the red and white colours of the national flag that is said to be depicted on moving Swiss trains. These red and white Bally stripe is a must-have for those who enjoy lovely Bally designs. In fact, some of Bally products such as wallets are designed with Trainspotting Stripe to this day. It is amazing to consider Trainspotting Stripe is still popular despite being a 1939 design. Needless to say, Trainspotting Stripe represents the timeless elegance that many people love about Bally products.

Top Bally Malaysia Products That You Must Have

As the oldest line in the products designed by Bally, Bally shoes is certainly popular as they have been designed with the perfect blend of modernity and functionality. From simple leather shoes to casual sandals for both men and women, Bally boasts the great track record of making them by hand. Not only that, Bally heels, boots, moccasins, trainers, monk straps, wedges, drivers and lace ups are crafted with exceptional skill and care by Bally artisans. Such an enormous range of Bally shoes carries an enviable reputation and quality that others try to emulate.
Possessing in crafting leather also means that Bally did not neglect its potential in designing another essential fashionable item: bags. For both men and women, Bally has designed backpacks, briefcases, clutches, messenger bags, shoulder bags, totes, business bags, top handles, mini bags, bowling and travel bags. All of these bags are beautiful and classic designs that are popular among lovers of Bally products.
Talking about Bally accessories, Bally is truly impressive as it desires to present the best of its craftsmanship in all of its accessories, even its simple cardholders can be considered as a simple yet exquisite item that keeps everyone in awe! Needless to say, the majority of them use the finest leather material available in their skillfully crafted constructions. More than just a fashion statement, the Bally B buckle epitomizes the best of Bally designs as it is one of the most sought-after designs in the world.

Being The Best You Can Be With Bally Malaysia

Bold and beautiful, these two words still do not describe its reputation and popularity. Despite boasting such credentials, Bally products are not that mainstream because their designs are one of a kind that other brands do not simply emulate. Having the vision in creating enduring designs, every Bally products command the highest craftsmanship and care in order to make them. If you enjoy the quality of Bally, you can take a look at its Bally clothing.