In recent years, Balenciaga has made huge waves in the luxury fashion industry with its eye-catching streetwear style. Enjoy a taste of luxury and high fashion with Balenciaga footwear including dad shoes, rubber sandals and thong sandals. Stay ahead of fashion trends and browse our wide collections of designer sneakers and shoes from Balenciaga Malaysia below!

Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart and Fitting for Men and Women | Will Balenciaga shoes make me look taller? | How to Care For Your Balenciaga Sneakers


Changing the Fashion Game: The Most Wanted & Iconic Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga Speed

Commonly known to the public as the Balenciaga sock shoes, the Speed Trainers are essentially comfy shoes with elastic ankle-high socks on soles. These Balenciaga shoes were first introduced in 2016 as an ode to comfort with a sleek style and a fuss-free pull-on design. They are designed with technical 3D knit and logo printed near the sole or on the upper. On days when you feel lazy to put on socks, you can simply slip into this footwear with almost zero effort and keep your feet comfy at all times. If you're into sock-like footwear with something ornamental, there are also variants that come with a lace-up front fastening.

Balenciaga Triple S

Available in grey, green, white pink, cherry red, black and military green and hot pink colourways, Balenciaga Triple S has taken the world by storm and reached cult status in no time since its debut. The 'S' in Triple S stands for 'sole', and the design of the sneaker proves it all. Its moulds are taken from a running, basketball and track shoe, giving you sturdy strides no matter where you're heading to. Be ready to turn heads as you strut along the streets with Balenciaga Triple S.

Balenciaga Track.2

Known for bold logo prints, fluorescent hues and chunky Dad sneakers, Balenciaga takes a more refined approach and incorporates more subtle signature style logos, paying more attention to wardrobe staples and tailored classics. Balenciaga's Track sneakers are the ultimate combination of a sports sneaker and luxury footwear silhouette. These iconic white Track.2 sneakers feature a round toe, stitched panels, a lace-up front fastening, a brand embossed tongue, a pull tab at the rear and a ridged rubber sole.

Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart and Fitting for Men and Women

To find your perfect fit with Balenciaga sneakers, we've scoured the web for a size chart that provides great guidance. Here are some tips to get the measurement of your feet:

  1. Measure both of your feet in the afternoon.
  2. Stand when measuring (When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary for wheelchair users to stand up.)
  3. Wear socks when taking measurement
  4. Stand on a piece of paper (Wheelchair users can skip Step 5 and start measuring the feet with a measuring tape)
  5. Start tracing your feet
  6. Measure the length of your feet with a measuring tape
  7. Determine your size based on the size charts below

Balenciaga Sneakers for Men Size Chart

Balenciaga Sneakers for Women Size Chart

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Will Balenciaga shoes make me look taller?

Absolutely! If you're going for Balenciaga's designer shoes with chunky outsoles, they will elevate your height by around 4.5cm (3 cm on the heel and 1.5 cm on the platform of your shoes). They pair very well with all sorts of trousers and shorts, especially palazzo and jogger pants. You can be in style with Balenciaga's chunky footwear regardless of your height or the type of outfit you put on for the day.

How to Care For Your Balenciaga Sneakers

  1. Take out the laces and insert a shoe tree to keep the sneakers in shape.
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution - water and mild soap mixture.
  3. Dip a soft bristle brush into the cleaning solution.
  4. Scrub the dirt and dark spots off the toe box gently with the brush, and then proceed to the tongue and the sides. Be extra gentle when you come across a leather surface. Then finally, move on to the soles with a medium bristle brush.
  5. When switching between different areas of the shoes, do rinse your brush off and redip it into the cleaning solution to ensure the dirty foam doesn't get carried to other parts of the sneakers.
  6. Place your sneakers and laces into a laundry bag and cinch the bag tight.
  7. For full-mesh sneakers, rinse them in a laundry machine on a normal or delicate setting at a cold temperature for 15 minutes. For sneakers with leather and suede material, simply use a damp fibre cloth to pat them to eliminate soapiness.
  8. Allow your sneakers to air dry completely with some sunlight exposure; Avoid drying them in direct sunlight if possible.