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If you are not sure how to keep your precious item safe and dry when you are out in the sea, waterproof bags are what you need. Find out more here.

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Waterproof Bags Malaysia: Bags of all sizes

Waterproof Bags Malaysia: For all the items you need dry

When it comes your great outdoor adventure, there are just so many thing that need to be taken into consideration before your embark on your journey. From picking out the best shoe to the safety gears that you need, all this can be a headache. But when it comes to keeping your electronics and important document safe from the danger of the water, you can always depend on waterproof bags that keeps your precious items safe from getting drenched.

Waterproof Bags Malaysia: Keeping your belongings waterproof

Thanks to the creation of waterproof bags and waterproof cases from brands like Hypergear, NatureHike, Avantree, and SAFEBET, we can now confidently carry along our electronic devices and important document and keep them safe- camera to capture of the world underwater, using our mobile phone on rainy days and keeping our laptop and passports safe from any liquid source. All these brands are known worldwide for their expertise in waterproof accessories such as dry bag, waterproof back pack, waterproof duffel bag and waterproof pouch.

Hypergear bags are considered the favourite when it comes to water sports and outdoor activities for their bags are designed with waterproof capability and durability to withstand even the worse outdoor condition. It is loved not only by the outdoor enthusiasts but also but by individuals who seek for something different that is as stylish as it is functional.

Waterproof Bags Malaysia: Things to consider before purchasing your first waterproof bag

Before you dive into the deepest ocean or climb up the highest mountains, it’s always important to keep your precious thing that you need for your journey dry. Things like your mobile phone, watches, torchlights, important documents and even your laptop need a strong and abrasion-resistant, dry bags or also known as the waterproof bags. If you know nothing about what these bags are and how to purchase them, this guide will help you choose the best waterproof bags for your needs.

  • Materials: Usually made in one of these two materials-
    • Vinyl: Vinyl is usually used to make waterproof bags for small personal items.
    • Nylon: Nylon is more commonly used because of its durability. The nylon has a coat of siliconized CORDURA, a waterproof coating which also helps in the bag’s fight abrasion. Bags made from nylon will have a number follower by a ‘D’. This is the denier of the nylon, or how dense the nylon fibres are. The higher the number of denier, the higher the density of the nylon which results in a tougher bag.
  • Closure Type: an added protection against liquids to keep your items dry when the bag is fully submerged. The 2 different types of seals are-
  • Hypalon Roll Top: Keeps water out more effectively and are usually used on roll-top dry bags. The rolling of the top and the buckle that snaps together keeps the bag air and water tight. The roll can also be used as a handle to carry the bag, to string multiple bags together or to secure them to a pack or boat using a carabiner.
  • Zipper Seal: This type of seal is a press and seal type of zipper, something like the freezer bag. This zipper is also as effective in sealing out water but unlike the roll top, proper lubrication is needed on these bags to keep the seal working correctly.
  • Size: The size of waterproof bags vary according to the items that you carry in the bags.
    • 5-litre- used to store small personal items like electronics, medicines, first aid kits, toiletries or light snacks. Can be store under the bungees of a kayak.
    • 10 litre- commonly used to carry around a change of attire
    • 20-litre- able to hold a small sleeping bag, a few days’ worth of clothes, or a weekend long worth of frozen food.
    • 30-litre- perfect to carry two individuals’ clothes or everything one person need to keep himself/herself dry for a week-long trip.
  • Carrying Straps- Most waterproof bags comes with attachable carrying straps. If the bag has backpack-style straps, they are more likely to be attached to the bag. From duffle style to single strap style, it would be extremely helpful when transporting multiple bags from your boat to a campsite or to a vehicle.