Whenever you are travelling, you can pack all your essentials with a great range of luggage sets in Malaysia. Read below to learn about ways you can maintain your luggage.

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Ways to maintain your luggage

For your luggage to look better and last longer, it is necessary for good luggage maintenance. Before and after each trip it is important to inspect your luggage to address all the possible problems. You wouldn’t want to be faced with a broken handle or loose wheel right before your trip. Here are some ways to maintain your luggage.

Cleaning your luggage

Part of maintaining your luggage is by cleaning it thoroughly after every trip. However, ensure that your luggage is completely dry before you store it away.


Firstly, remove all the contents in the luggage after each trip to ideally clean any dirt or debris inside the bag. You may simply pour out the dirt into a plastic bag or utilize a small handheld vacuum cleaner to really get into the harder to clean corners. After that, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the insides. Keep the pockets of the luggage unzipped and leave it to air dry in a shaded area.

If a luggage has not been used for a long time, the interior may start to smell stale. Leave the bag to air dry for a few hours or days, if you have the time. Otherwise, spray it with an odour-eliminating product. Another quick hack is to mix 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water with a sponge to clean the interior.


Depending on the material your luggage is made off, the simplest way to clean it externally is to wipe it with a damp cloth. This is usually adequate especially if you clean your luggage on a regular basis. Unless if your bag is super dirty, it can be usually hand washed with mild soap. After that, it can be air dried in a shaded area. Never try to put your bag into a washing machine or dryer, also avoid using bleach or other strong detergents. The best way to know if your bag is suitable to be washed with a detergent is to check with the manufacturer’s instructions. This is because; certain detergents could possibly damage the coating of the luggage. As for the hard-shell luggage, never attempt to scrub it with a stiff brush or any cleaning tool that might scrape or rip the surface.

Storing your luggage

Once your luggage has been cleaned, it is ready to be stored away until your next use. Luggage should not be stored in a space where it is exposed to an extreme change in temperature. The best places to store a luggage should be in a closet or under a bed. At times, the bags can take up a lot of space in particularly if it comes in sets. Thus, to make space for other storage, the smaller luggage can be placed inside the larger luggage pieces. To prevent your luggage from collection dust or debris, cover it with a luggage casing.

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