The bag that is created for everyone. The bag that is created for anytime. The bag that is favoured among many. Want to know more? Read on to find out.


Messenger Bags Malaysia: Get your favourite Messenger Bag online

Messenger Bags Malaysia: A bag for everyone and anyone

A bag that does not need any sort of introduction. They can be found in every corner in the urban cities nowadays. And as for its style, these bags are one of the original staple pieces for those hipsters. As they are able to carry nearly anything to everything, messenger bags are a safe bet, when it comes to selecting an accessory that’s both functional and cool. A messenger bag in available in different sizes, but are usually large enough for an individual’s most frequent possessions -from text books for a school student, a laptop and other work materials for your meeting, to spray cans, art models and a headphone for the art enthusiasts.

Messenger Bags Malaysia: The ultimate ‘carry-all’s’

Messenger bags are always the best alternative to the traditional and dull rucksack and the extra formal briefcase. Also known as the carryalls and courier bags, messenger bags refers to a style of a bag that was originally designed for bicycle messengers to carry around their postal. It usually has a shoulder strap, which allows these messengers to sling it across their body, in a true messenger style. But today, since the bag has been adopted in to the modern era as a modish yet casual style, messenger bags are used by everyone, women and men both.

Messenger Bags Malaysia: What is it used for

Messenger bags are a great addition to your bag line-up as they provide quick access to your stuff, extremely portable, able to take a beating and are usually more water resistant that any other bags. They are used for nearly everything but here are the top 4 uses for messenger bags.

Mail Bags: You would have probably seen your local postman lugging around town in his large messenger bag to deliver mail. This bags helps in keeping the mail together and since it is so huge, it can really hold a lot. What you can do is use a similar bag to hold and organize all your papers and documents so that it can be easily accessed.
School Bags: Other than backpacks, students can use messenger bags to carry their textbooks, notebooks, binders and other school supplies. The easy-to-access flap top allows its users to quickly insert and extract their stuff and the different pockets and compartments allows organization. Make sure to choose a bag that is extra durable and lightweight so that your books don’t fall off and it is not a burden on you.
Laptop Bags: Messenger bags makes the most ideal laptop bags because they allow you to take your portable devices with you wherever you go, without any hassle. Just sling it on and you are ready to take on the world, no matter where you are as long as your technological devices are with you. Look for bags that are designed with thick foam padding to protect your laptop and tablets from scratches and other damages.
Diaper Bags: Who knew that a messenger bag can even be used as a diaper bag. These small messenger bags with compartments designed especially for carrying extra diapers, keeping the milk warm and other baby supplies. Now, you can carry your baby in one hand and reach for the diaper from this messenger bag in another.

Messenger Bags Malaysia: Things you should consider

What is going to be in yourbag: This would determine the size and the shape of the bag that you require. If you are looking for a bag to keep your laptop, you will need something that is wide enough with added padding. But if you are looking to just keep your books, a normal messenger bag would suffice.
Howmuchprotection is needed: If you are going to be carrying electronic items or delicate stuff that is highly fragile, padded bag should be your choice. You can also look for padded shoulder strap if you are planning to carry heavy stuff around.
Howandwherewillyourbag be used: If your time is spent mostly outdoors, you might want to consider a waterproof messenger bag that is made of nylon or PVC. But if your bag is used to carry around office items like documents, a leather bag would suit the best as it looks professional and is also durable.
Whatstyle of bag do youwant: Since you will be one who will be carrying the messenger bag regularly, so you will want something that works well with your wardrobe. You wouldn’t want your style to be destroyed because of your bag, would you?

So in conclusion, messenger bags are for everyone. Men and women. It can be used for anything, travelling, school, and even when you are out meeting a client. Get messenger bags at discount price. Choose from the variety messenger bag brands such as High Cultured, Swiss Polo, Bum Equipment, Tokyo Life, RAV Design, Fidelio and more!