If you love to travel, knowing how to properly pack your luggage is crucial to your trip. As a traveller, you know the importance of space and thus having a shoe bag is necessary. Get the best shoe bag that perfectly protects your shoe without taking up much space in your luggage, at home or wherever you go.

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Importance of Having a Shoe Bag When youTravel

When you pay so much for the perfect wardrobe, wouldn’t it be a waste if you do not take care of it, especially when travelling? You would surely want to look presentable in whatever outfit you want to wear when you are on vacation. People usually disregard the habit of taking full care of their shoes when travelling. One way you can start caring for your footwear is by using a shoe pouch or shoe bag to secure your footwear and organize your luggage space.

Why do you Need a Shoe Bag?

Shoe bags are an extremely handy pouch that is designed to store and transport your pairs of shoes no matter where you are – at home, out for a day trip or when you are busy travelling the world. It is available in different sizes, colours and styles to suit your preferences and needs.

With shoe bags, you would never have to worry about your shoes taking up space in your luggage. Organizing your shoes with a shoe bag would leave you more space to pack other necessities. Not only that, it's convenient enough to keep in your backpack. But finding a shoe bag in the market can be quite a hassle and unless you are good with the needle and thread, there is another way you can get your bag delivered straight to your doorstep. Through iprice of course. Take a pick from our widest range of bags that would surely protect 1, 5 or even 10 pairs of shoes depending on the size.

Different Uses for Shoe Bags

Going back to the topic of travelling, you wouldn’t want your dirty shoe to be in contact with your clean clothing. This is where the bag comes in handy. A travel shoe bag is usually padded and might come with a drawstring attached to it. This bag can easily be tucked away into the corner of a suitcase, keeping your clothes clean and your shoe scuff- proof.

Covering your shoe when you are not wearing it protects your shoe from the sun. The sun rays can be especially harmful to shoes whether it's made from premium leather, suede or even rubber. Aside from being a travelling necessity, shoe bag also protects your footwear from dust, water, dirt, insect and small animals that can cause severe damage and odour to your shoe.

In Malaysia, the use of shoes at home might not be so common which is why the bag would come in extremely convenient. Even at home your shoes can be easily be stored away in its bag rather than taking up space in the already crowded shoe racks. Not only that a shoe bag will also prevent friction between 2 different shoes, hence protecting the material and the grain over long periods of time. And if you are constantly hopping on and off aeroplanes, having your shoe in a bag makes it convenient for you to just grab the bag and go.

Just like your warm mother’s hug that engulfs you with protection, cover your shoes with a shoe bag to guard its lifespan. Check out our selection of shoe bags in Malaysia at iPrice!