At times, it is a hassle to carry around a big handbag. Thankfully, you can still carry your essentials with pouches in Malaysia. There are many ways you can use your pouches, so do click here to learn more.


Clever ways to use pouches for organizing

When it comes to organizing, pouches are the perfect item to do so. Not only are they affordable, they are lightweight and small enough to fit literally anywhere. Primarily, you can utilise pouches to organize your bigger handbags. This is a great way to prevent endless rummaging while keeping the mess in your handbags at bay. Other than placing it in your handbags or totes, here are other ways you can use pouches for organizing.

Travel documents

Travel without losing your documents by placing it in pouches. As pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is recommended to get it in two different sizes. The larger documents such as your boarding pass can be placed in the bigger pouch, while your passport can be placed in the smaller pouch. On the other hand, you can simply slide the pouches in an out of your carry-on so that you have it readily available when you need it.


Another great way to utilise your pouches is to organize your jewelry while you travel. As jewelry is usually very small, you may lose it easily. You may also use the pouches to organize jewelry on your dressing table.

Sewing Kit

Having a sewing kit around your house is important in case of the possibility of a clothing mishap such as losing a button or need to mend a small hole. Generally, a small sewing kit will consist of a few spools of thread, small scissors, buttons, needles as well as safety pins.


If you wear makeup on the daily, you will know how important is to keep a makeup bag with you for a quick touch up. Depending on how our day is going, we have the tendency to do our makeup in various places. Having your favourite makeup in a pouch allows you to do it wherever you like.

Feminine hygiene product

You wouldn’t want to be in public when your monthly visitor does a surprise visits. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep a couple of feminine hygiene products with you so that you would be prepared during these unpredictable times.


Instead of those expensive card holders, you can simply organize your name card in smaller pouches. This is because; you will never know when you run into someone who is interested in what you do. Do dedicate a pouch that specifically holds your cards so that they maintain their shape while you pass them out to potential clients.


Do keep some emergency money in your pouch in case you ever forget your wallet. Also, you can keep spare change in it instead of placing all of it in your wallet, as it can get rather heavy.

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