Tired of bags that only look good on the outside and cost you an arm and a leg but is not durable? Are you looking for a bag that is not only worth your every penny but also functional and long lasting? Then Bagman is the answer you have been looking for. Taking creativity and innovation to a whole new level, Bagman beats your expectations and delivers you something you never expected. Be blown away with the widest range of bags from Bagman.

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Functional and Innovative all the way

When it comes to bags, you can rest assured that you will surely get the best of bags from Bagman. Established in 1994, Brilliant Merchandising Sdn Bhd (Bagman) is a Malaysian based company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing all kinds of bags. From laptop bags, backpacks, trolley bags, travel bags, shoulder bags to handbags, Bagman is a company that revolves around creativity and innovation with an aim to provide flexible and reasonable prices for bags according to their customer’s needs and wants.

At Bagman, although their main aim is on creativity and innovation, they never forget the functionality and detailing aspect of every bag that they design. After more than a decade of delivering tailor made bags of the highest quality across the region, they decided to share their most innovative products with the rest of the world by presenting their brand – Terminus.

Terminus is a global brand that is dedicated to the creation of unique, innovative and highly functional bags for their clients from all walks of life. It’s an original solution, an answer to the needs of the modern generation that is always on the move. Terminus bags are beyond the norm, for it is designed to fulfil their 5Fs- Functionality, Uniquely Formed, Fashionable, Hand Feel and Fun (the ultimate Terminus difference).

Bagman believes that speed is what drives today’s ever changing market place. In order to be accustomed to this fast pace lifestyle, their products are made available online to allow those who are into innovative and functional designs to buy it online with just a simple click.

Having sold more than 50,000,000 units of bags that varies in design and type, Bagman continues to amaze the world. So no matter what your lifestyle is, sophisticated, professional, or even active lifestyle, you will surely be able to find something to suit your everyday life in their widest collection of innovative and convenient bags.

Award winning bags that changed the industry

Focused on inspiring the digital generation and allowing them to express themselves, Terminus bags are not only fashionable but also expressive. From fun patterns to bright colours, you will surely fall in love with their sleek designs and the performance of every Terminus bag. Here are Bagman's achievements for their Award winning bags that are on a level of their own.

Urban Dad (Winner of the reddot design award 2014 and Malaysia Good Design)

Finally something has been created with the menfolk in mind. Men always miss out when it comes to baby accessories for most things are created for mommies and mommies only, so this nifty little product is created especially for dads. The Urban Dad backpack from Terminus is specially designed to fit a man’s large frame and is jam packed with cool features.

Along with its many and useful compartments like room for food, keys, nappies, iPad, milk bottles, and personal belongings, the bag comes with a detachable storage divider for hot and cold items! There is also plenty of space for clothing, towels and other bits and bobs that are extremely important for your precious one. This backpack, that is available in grey, yellow or red also features all the standard necessities of a nappy bag- a padded change mat and a long strap that can be hug on the baby stroller during walks.

The Transformer (Winner of the Malaysia Good Design Award)

The king of all bags, the new Transformer bag rules them all when it comes to travelling, no matter short business trips or long summer getaways. Transformers (the robots) are known for being a shapeshifter, from a robot to a truck, a car or anything else that they want. The Transformer bag, inspired by the robots are also extremely versatile as the bag can be converted into two handhelds with just one unzipping motion. This bag is designed to be structured and sleek without forgetting the aspect of quality and functionality. Think of it like a convertible rolling briefcase that is big enough for your garments and the rest of your belongings.

Invisible Roller (Winner of the reddot award 2014)

Tired of carrying your heavy backpack everywhere? With the Invisible roller, you can now shed off the weight off your shoulder and roll it everywhere without leaving it behind. This patented wheeled backpack is designed with its unique roller wheels that close and hide away when not in use. Now you see it, now you don’t. The wheels are linked to the retractable handle where when the handle is pulled, the wheels are out and vice versa.

This bag is gadget friendly and large enough for your personal items and clothing when you are travelling. With its ergonomics design, this backpack is comfortable for your back and makes travelling easy.

Faceoff (Winner of the reddot award 2014 honourable mention and Malaysia Good Design)

Now, with the Faceoff, you only need one bag to complement your wardrobe choices. It comes with 4 different styles and colours all in one bag. All you have to do is just flip the bag over to the side of your choice and have a different colour bag every day. This bag also features different zippered compartments to fit all your gadgets and documents in one place.

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