If you are a lucky parent of multiple toddlers, you will know that walking them by yourself is not an easy feat. Hence, a tandem stroller is useful as it offers you the convenience of walking two or more children at the same time. Read more about tandem strollers below.


Advantages of Having a Tandem Stroller

Babies are indeed bundles of joy but having more than one can be a little troublesome especially when you need to walk all of them at the same time. Lots of question will need to be answered; one of them being how you can bring them around conveniently. A double or triple stroller might be just the item you are looking for.

This is where tandem strollers come in. A tandem stroller – also known as an inline stroller – is a double-seated stroller that enables you to transport two children with a single stroller, enabling you to bring your children around easily. These strollers also come in handy for carrying groceries and other items once one child has outgrown it. Here are some the reasons why you should consider getting a tandem stroller:

Better Manoeuvrability

The biggest advantage that a tandem stroller has over another type of double stroller – side-by-side stroller is its width. Tandem strollers place one baby in front of the other instead of beside each other. Hence, they are easier to manoeuvre through tight spaces such as doorways or along the aisles of shopping malls.

Larger Basket

A tandem stroller is not only for parents with two or more children. Single-child parents can also consider investing in a tandem stroller as the extra basket can serve as a space to place your belongings. You can also access the basket from both the back and front of the stroller.

More Features for Better Comfort

Most tandem strollers today have seats that can fully recline and reversible, meaning that you can have both children facing you or have their backs against you. Tandem strollers also come with sun shades, large storage bins, and adjustable leg rests which offers more comfort to your children. These features can make a trip downtown a delight rather than a test of patience.

Better for Different Aged Children

If your children are not twins and have an age gap between them, a tandem stroller is a better option than a side-by-side stroller. There are stand on variations of tandem strollers today which gives your toddler of walking alongside the stroller. This gives the older child more flexibility and allows him to be more independent, which are important values to impart to them from a young age.

Able to Accommodate Car Seats

Most tandem strollers will usually have one seat that can accommodate an infant car seat, making it a better option if you are always on the go. There are also some models where both the front and back seats can accommodate infant car seats, making them a good choice if you have twins.

Saves Space

Another advantage of tandem strollers is that they can be folded. This gives you more space in the trunk of your car to place other objects.

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