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Chicco Baby Bouncer Hoopla
Chicco Baby Bouncer Hoopla The Chicco baby bouncer Hoopla is not only a snug recliner for your child but also a small promoting learning aid. The large padded recline surface features the innovative SlideLine-system which enables your child to slide the hanging figures along the play bar. That way, new playing scenarios which foster your little one’s eyesight are provided. The figurines can be detached from the play bar so that your child can take them in his hands and play with them. That way, his memory, sense of touch and coordination are fostered. The crackling features of the playing figures also stimulate your little one’s sense of hearing. The backrest can be adjusted in four different levels so that your little darling is always provided with a comfortable lying position. The two-part seat insert supports the neck, back and spine of your baby and ensures a correct position for his head. The belt buckle is padded, fits perfectly and prevents your little one from falling out of the Hoopla. If required, you can also adapt the headrest to your child, since it can be adjusted in three different levels. In order to create a larger lying surface for taller children, you can easily detach the seat insert. In order to transport or store the Hoopla you can easily fold it by pushing two button. A convenient carrying strap makes carrying the baby bouncer super simple. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can set the Hoopla either in a fixed position or in a rocking mode. The Chicco baby bouncer Hoopla is suitable for babies from birth up to approx. 18 kg and has been developed as to promote your little one’s development in a playful way. Its versatile designs and aesthetic appeal will delight both you and your child immediately. Product details: * Stimulates the sense of touch, sense of hearing and sense of sight * Equipped with a SlideLine system (toy figurines slide along the play bar) * Detachable toy figurines * Provides several sensorial activities * Large and padded recline surface * Modular two-part seat insert, detachable * Soft padded belt buckle * Backrest can be adjusted in four different levels * Headrest can be adjusted in three different levels * Option to set either fixed position or rocking mode * Can be folded by pushing two buttons * Convenient carrying strap * Suitable from birth up to a bodyweight of 18 kg * Weight: 3 kg * Dimensions (h x w x l): 32/62 x 43 x 78 cm
RM 505.70

Activity Malaysia

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