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BABY FOOT (3PAIRS) FOOT MASK / HAND MASK Milk Bamboo Vinegar Remover Dead Skin
RM 20.00

(3 PAIRS) HAND/ FOOT MASK AT RM20 ONLY !! (6 PAIRS FREE 1 PAIR) AT RM40 ONLY !! WHILE STOCK LASTS !! ROLANJONA Milk & Bamboo Vinegar Peeling & Tendering Feet Mask 露兰姬娜牛奶竹醋·去死皮嫩滑足膜 给足部做面膜 柔软嫩滑 宛如新生 足部护理新体验 不用涂,不用抹,如穿袜子般套在脚上就能拥有美丽肌肤 祛除死皮 老茧 柔软细滑 饱满弹嫩 减轻异味 脸部有面膜 足膜有足膜 如饱含护理能量的袜子 源源不断的滋润双足 别忘了呵护双足 每天行走使足部承受巨大的压力,而穿高跟鞋更使足部承受双倍压力,足部总是有一封厚厚的老茧,足底 足跟粗硬甚至龟裂,严重影响美观。因此,足部也要进行深度呵护,就像脸部要做定期面膜护理一样,按时补充营养能量,解除肌肤困扰。 【成分】水,聚甘油,丙二醇,角鲨烷,鲸醋醇,聚山梨醇酯--60,芦荟提取物,乳酸,竹提取物,黄原胶,维生素E,羚基乙酸,苹果提取物,牛奶提取物,苯氧乙醇,香精。 【功效】含天然竹醋精华,有效软化老废角质,并使角质不断脱落,温和不刺激,肌肤重现如婴儿肌肤般柔滑细腻,牛奶发酵萃取液有效滋养肌肤,改善因护理不足导致的龟裂,粗糙,使肌肤再现饱满弹嫩,柔软亮白,减轻足部异味,并保持洁净舒适。 【使用方法】 1 . 剪开足膜上端封口 2 . 穿上足膜,以手轻压膜布外层,使足部肌肤亲密接触精华液。 3 . 可在足膜外在套上袜子,是膜布更紧贴肌肤。 4 . 约90--120分钟后将足膜脱下,洗净双足。 5 . 使用后约5--7天。老废角质逐渐自动脱落期间坚持每天热水泡脚,以加速死皮脱落。 6 . 大约1--2个星期后。老角质脱净,双足肌肤重现柔嫩,白皙。 【注意事项】 1、使用后肌肤有任何不适,应立即停止使用。 2、皮肤受伤、有伤口货红肿不得使用本产品。 3、婴儿及孩子不得使用本产品。 4、皮肤敏感者,使用前先做部分皮肤敏感性测试,测试后无刺激性反应,再使用。 Image result for rolanjona WHY DO YOU NEED THIS AWESOME FEET MASK? BECAUSE... 1) Feet bear serious pressure for daily walk, by wearing high heel shoes, from the dust and the uncertain weather. 2) Feet also bear the double pressure of having thick callus and sole suffers from rough and chapping, which seriously influences the beauty. 3) Therefore, feet also require intensive treatment just like periodical treatment for face. 4) Timely replenish nutrition and energy for relieving the trouble of skin. 1 box of ROLANJONA Tendering Feet Mask contains 7 pairs of feet mask Directions of use : 1. After cleaning and drying the feet, take out the foot mask from the packet. 2. Put on the foot mask and press the preservative film of the mask to get the feet close to the essence. 3. WRAP AGAIN WITH YOUR OWN PLASTIC BAG TO AVOID DRIPPING/LEAKING OF THE ESSENCE. 4. About 45 minutes later, remove the foot mask and rinse out before wiping out with a dry towel. 5. After foot cleaning, apply some foot lotion to keep the feet moist and smooth.

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