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Don’t make the grave mistake by thinking that you can wash your baby skirts all willy-nilly. Just like babies themselves, baby skirts require extra care when it comes to washing them. Read the guide by clicking here.

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How to Wash Baby Skirts in Malaysia

Washing a baby’s skirt requires extra steps and attention, just like taking care of the baby themselves. There a couple of things to keep in mind when doing your baby’s laundry. Pay attention to the detergent you use, the laundry instructions, the temperatures, and use products that are friendly to the baby’s skin like fabric softeners.


When it comes to washing your baby’s skirts, do not use the regular detergent that you use for your clothes. Choose a laundry detergent that’s suitable and gentle enough for your baby’s skin. Using the wrong detergent to wash your baby’s skirt can cause rashes in their delicate areas that will turn harmful If untreated and unsolved. To avoid this mess, pick unscented and organic liquid baby laundry detergent.


Always read the labels containing laundry instructions that come with all baby skirts and clothing. The common laundry symbols are divided into five categories: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and dry-cleaning. Washing is then divided into 11 symbols, with instructions whether to use cold, warm, or hot water; which cycle to use; to hand wash them; or not at all. Drying is further divided into 14 symbols, all instructing which setting and heat level to use. The same goes for ironing, bleaching, and dry-cleaning.


You can easily determine the suitable temperature for your baby’s skirts based on the laundry symbols on the instruction label. Remember to always use the suitable detergent, as well, so you can preserve the quality of the fabric. Ideally, you need to wash your baby’s skirts and other clothes at 30 degrees or 40 degrees Celsius.

Fabric Softener

Using fabric softener can turn any baby skirt made from any material into friendlier items for your baby’s skin. Fabric softener keeps the fiber in your baby skirts smooth and gentle to the touch. When using fabric softener, be sure to wipe away all clumpy stains so they do not soak into the fabric and stain permanently. Use mild, non-bio baby detergent when washing with fabric softener. Skirts washed with fabric softener takes less time to dry so it’s best to air-dry.

Other Tips

  • Purchase baby skirts and clothes that you can wash with a washing machine instead of hand wash.
  • Choose skirts and items that are made with soft and natural fabrics like cotton.
  • Layer up your baby’s skirts with long johns or thermal pants during the winter.
  • Always wash newly-bought skirts and other clothing items to clean and disinfect.

Shopping for baby skirts can be done easily now that you know how to properly wash and take care of them. Get your skirt and other baby clothes from brands like Elsy Baby and Lalang right here on iPrice. Don’t forget to browse through iPrice’s coupons and offers section where you can get exclusive deals!