Take your workout routine up to the notch with Aviva sports apparel, a lifestyle brand that combines fashion and fitness together, with their wide range of women’s sports apparel that is not only stylish but comfortable as well! Scroll down below to find out where to get fashion-forward sports bras and tank tops that will get you noticed in the gym and give your sportswear a workout!

Aviva Clothing

The tale of Aviva

With health being a necessity and a way of life, people are becoming more aware of its importance. Hence, sportswear has become something most people own. Long gone are the days when all you needed was just a pair of loose pants, a t-shirt and a cap or a scrunchie to keep your hair in place before you work up a sweat. Now, there is a brand that enables sports enthusiasts to dress to kill while being sporty, giving women a reason to shop for new exercise outfits. Aviva clothing company has just that with their stylish range of women’s sports apparel that will get you in the mood to break a sweat and eager to lace up those training shoes!

Launched in 2007, Aviva is a lifestyle sports apparel brand that is strongly committed to designing and manufacturing sportswear that screams comfort and style. Inspired solely by fitness and yoga, Aviva clothing company allows their customers to look their best, not only when working out in a gym but also to look just as good when its clothing is worn out as casual wear. To put it simply, fashion and functionality infused with quality is what makes Aviva a leading choice in sportswear.

Aviva’s Stylish range of sportswear

Choosing the right apparel is important to getting the most out of your workout. The correct fit and material can aid in your performance while the incorrect clothing only hampers your physical abilities and result in awkward movements during your run. Taking that statement to heart, Aviva designs to suit all your gym and fashion needs.

Aviva's collection of vibrant, stylish and comfortable tank tops are made of sweat absorbent Lycra and cooling cotton, so that you won’t even have to feel a drop of sweat on your back, while keeping you comfortable at the same time during your workout session.

The tank tops come in various styles such as T-back and scrunch back, crew, and V-neck to name a few. Not only that, Aviva sells sports bras that are equipped with quick dry technology, a technology embedded in their apparel that allows the wearer to stay cool while working out.

Just like the tank tops, the sports bras also comes in several of styles and colors for sports enthusiasts to choose from. Pair them with a matching pair of sweatpants or leggings, or you can mix and match from Aviva’s collection. The choices and styles are endless.

Which sports bra fits you best?

A good-fitting sports bra should have the following characteristic: to help to minimize movement from the chest area, has the ability to absorb moisture away from the skin and allows for a cooling flow of air between the breasts.

There are three common types of sports bra available in the market: compression bras, encapsulated compression bras, and adjustable compression bras. Sounds foreign to you? No worries, here is a simple guide for you to follow when shopping for your sports bra:

Compression bras: This is a common type of sports bra and is designed to minimize movement around the chest area. This type of sports bra is suitable for small to medium chested women.

Encapsulated compression bras: This type of sports bra is best suited for large-chested women as it is similar to a regular bra, except that it offers more support by compressing each breast individually instead of as a single unit.

Adjustable compression bras: This type of sports bra bestow maximum support to large-breasted athlete as this type of bra has a wider adjustable band, and wide adjustable straps to create a custom-fit and provide full support to the breasts.

What to do before purchasing a sports bra

Whatever exercise routine you carried out on a daily basis, there is only one rule you need to follow- you need to wear a sports bra that fits. Not just the one that “fits”, but the one sports bra that will provide you the right level of support, for any kind of exercise, to make sure that your “girls” has the best support possible to avoid pain and dropping later in life.So, how do you avoid from purchasing the wrong fit of sports bra? Lucky for you, here are the top 3 tips for you to follow before making a purchase of a sports bra:

Straps: When trying on a sports bra, perform a stretch test by holding the top of one strap and the center of the corresponding cup and then, pull. The less stretchy the front straps, the less motion they’ll provide.

Bands: The bottom part is the most important part of the sports bra when it comes to the right fit. The bottom band should be level around your body and snug comfortably, but not tight, so that your diaphragm is able to expand.

Cups: While different breasts need different cup sizes, it doesn’t matter what type of sports bra you are trying on, the cup should be able to hold the whole breast and shouldn’t be pouring out the top of your bra. As a rule of thumb, the fabric at the top of your bra cup should be smooth to your skin.

How to properly care for your sports bra?

Sports bra, just like any other bras requires great care and maintenance. Here’s a simple guide on how to properly care for your sports bra:

  • Hand-washing and air-drying is highly recommended to avoid scratches.

  • If time isn’t on your side, toss them into a lingerie bag and set your wash on the cool setting.

  • Purchase a new sports bra every six to twelve months, just like running shoes. This is because, after use and re-washing, your current sports bra would have lost its elasticity, frail fitting, and lastly, the bra isn’t supportive anymore

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