As one of the largest antivirus brands in the world, Avira delivers a wide variety of products that is designed to enhance protection and cybersecurity of your computer and other devices. Since its products contain award-winning solutions, it is little surprise that people have often favored Avira as their go-to brand to protect their computers. Read more about Avira in Malaysia here below to find out.


Essential Guide to Best Avira Products Everyone Likes

Popular among users, Avira is the go-to brand when it comes to computer security software. Its products are well-designed to offer smooth user-centric experience without having to think too hard or long to wield them effectively. The Avira antivirus software is among its best-selling products. Moreover, all of them are available in more attractive prices. Since Avira delivers a wide range of products, it is understandably difficult to get started. Here is an essential guide to best Avira products everyone likes to use.

Avira Antivirus Pro

This wonderful Avira product gives the protection you need to secure your identity, finances, and other private data. It also provides you a multi-platform license that works on both Windows and Mac OS. The Avira Antivirus Pro has been cited favorably by countless users from around the world because it delivers some of the most comprehensive antivirus capabilities in the market.

The Avira Antivirus Pro is an incredible software which introduces new protection layers that are consistent with modern demands. First, it offers anti-ransomware feature that can prevent ransomware from encrypting your precious data and taking them hostage. Thanks to its unique heuristic technology, it is able to stop ransomware before it can do you any harm.

Next, the Avira Antivirus Pro comes with impressive device control feature. Usually, the device control allows you to control over which removable devices you can connect to your computer. Since unknown USB devices are risky, they can spread malware as soon as they are connected. The Avira Antivirus Pro takes further steps to scan removable devices as soon as they are plugged in and before they can cause harm to your system. From your standard PC protection to the much-needed web protection, this amazing Avira product can protect you from the latest threats in no time.

Avira Internet Security Suite

As your premium web protection specialist, the Avira Internet Security Suite gives you the solid reason to enjoy using your Internet without any fear or worry. Updated with the latest innovative solutions, it offers true peace of mind whenever you shop and surf online. With its brand-new firewall manager, you will be able to optimize your settings to enjoy personalized protection of your web browsing experience. At the same time, you can leverage the capabilities of your built-in Windows firewall in order to achieve the best results.

While the native Windows firewall feature is powerful, it is still too complex to a point where you cannot use it effectively to protect your system. For this reason alone, the Avira Internet Security Suite offers you the handy firewall manager. In just a click, you can optimize your entire setting. For those that love to tinker, this Avira product presents numerous customization options that suit your needs. Now, you can always be sure that your apps are not leaking any sensitive information. Besides, no one will be able to take control of your PC remotely without your consent. Emphasizing privacy-minded features, the Avira Internet Security Suite can keep everything on your PC out of harm's way.

On the subject of data protection, this Avira product performs admirably as its award-winning solutions can tackles against the latest threats with relative ease. Nasty things such as viruses, worms, spyware, and ransomware will not triumph over your well-crafted Avira Internet Security Suite defenses. If you always shop online, you can take comfort on the fact that this Avira product can block fake carts and infected sites for you. In fact, it makes sure that your favorite online shopping destinations are safe and secure.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro

If you wish that you can enjoy unlimited, private, and secure access to the web, the Avira Phantom VPN Pro is the right tool for the right job. It gives you everything you need to be a true online phantom that no one can track you. Now, the Internet Service Providers or ISP will not be able to view your browsing history because you can utilize the VPN successfully to deter them. With this Avira product, no border and snoop can stop you from your ultimate desire. Featuring a simple interface, you can enjoy to all features without difficulty.

You can surf amorously like never before with the Avira Phantom VPN Pro. It contains well-tailored solutions to defend you from mass consumerist surveillance. This is important so that it is impossible for advertisers to see what you do, or trace activities back to you. It enhances the level of safety in online shopping by routing your data through a secure "tunnel". In this way, you can prevent people from spying on your network. Most importantly, you can access your favorite streaming sites effortlessly; there will be no geo-restrictions that block your way. From streaming to downloading, your identity can be concealed with additional safeguard that guarantees your protection.

No matter where you connect, the Avira Phantom VPN Pro makes sure that you can connect to any public WiFi safely. This software will automatically encrypt your communications to secure your data while prevent your precious information from leaking. Finally, you can run the Avira Phantom VPN Pro simultaneously on all of your devices. As a ghost without any traces, you now can experience unlimited web-browsing experience.

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