Designed with the latest innovation and technologies, AVF is all about enhancing your digital computing experience to be more seamless. Read more about AVF Malaysia below to find out.


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AVF Extreme Power 650W RM 68.00 Lazada
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AVF AKB-GK1 RM 39.00 Shopee
AVF Freak Chanter Microphone RM 189.00 Shopee
AVF AGM-X8 RM 24.00 Lazada
AVF HBT300 RM 59.00 Lazada
AVF AGM-X9 RM 28.00 Lazada
AVF AGM122 RM 24.00 Lazada
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AVF Extreme Power 650W

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AVF Malaysia – Ultimate Technology & Innovation

Dedicated in pursuing innovation and creativity, AVF emerges as one of the most promising brands in the market of computing accessories and products. Boasting tons of products that are both reliable and robust at the same time, it is no wonder that AVF continues to draw attention from various quarters. In fact, AVF products have been widely used in many areas and industries. This illustrates that AVF boasts solid reputation which is widely recognized by growing number of users around the world. Ultimately, AVF Malaysia is only concerned with bringing the technology and innovation to your doorsteps.

About AVF - Future within Your Hand

Established as early as 1998, AVF has been dedicated in delivering the best designs with the finest qualities to its customers. Growing from strength to strength, AVF continued to impress many people with its ever-increasing line of products. At the same time, it was able to garner a number of awards that spoke much about its solid reputation as one of the most innovative brands in the realm of computing accessories and products. Hence, it is not a surprise when AVF products are being used everywhere.

When AVF was first founded, it only has one warehouse for its own operation. Now, AVF was proud to be owning seven warehouses in order to keep up with the growing demand for its products. Since AVF is a lot bigger than last time, it continues to maintain its streak of innovations consistently. This shows that it still remains as committed as ever when it comes to bringing fresher offerings that everyone desires.

At the Forefront of Accentuating Your Experience

While many brands claim that they are able to make your experience to be unique and different, most of them emphasize only on performance aspects. Such emphasis actually isolates other customers that prefer more seamless experience that is able to serve their needs. In other words, AVF prioritizes the importance of user experience so that everyone can learn and use its products without any fear or worry. Furthermore, AVF is also able to merge your experience with the performance of its products so that it is even more intuitive-based interaction with them. As such, AVF products are all about accentuating your experience and bring it to the next level.

Advanced Technology within Your Fingertips

AVF is dedicated in introducing latest technologies that can make the real difference in your lives. Not just that, AVF even goes further to transform these highly advanced technologies to be simple and easy to learn and use at the same time. Moreover, it is about making them to be easily available for everyone to experience them fully. As such, it is pretty incredible that AVF brings these advanced technology to your fingertips.

Virtue of Innovation

Pursuing innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity have been one of top agendas in the book of AVF. In every development and design phase of a particular product, AVF designers always think wide and hard of incorporating the best innovative features that can offer real benefits to its customers. In each AVF product, AVF transforms it to be remarkably distinct from its counterparts in the market so that its users can enjoy its unique innovation feature.

Fusing Fun & Functionality

As the saying about "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" goes, AVF believes that its products should be the embodiment of both fun and functionality in all of their aspects. While AVF products should perform as expected, their performance should come with fun factor as well. In fact, it elevates the user experience to another whole new level of excitement and pleasure. According to AVF, this is what it calls as real satisfaction.

Awesome AVF Products that Amazes Everyone

When it comes to taking everyone by pleasant surprise, AVF Malaysia is that incredible brand that can bring smile to your face with its awesome products. Amazingly, AVF products come with lower price tag despite boasting incredible performance that can put other brands to shame.

AVF Mice
Designed with precision, AVF mice are often engineered to give you best experience as you can do anything with your computer effortlessly. In addition, these AVF mice possess excellent build quality that make them to be tough as nails. Most importantly, they are the answer to your need for speed.


While the AVF AGM11 mouse looks fairly basic, it is actually a robust mouse that can withstand any harsh punishment. Not just that, it boasts a reliable tracking sensor that works well on most surfaces; not bad for a basic mouse like AVF AGM11. Most importantly, it is designed to be comfortable with your hand when holding and handling it. Its luminous design is crafted to match your style and mood.

AVF Keyboards
Whether you are typing or playing, AVF keyboards display the values of being economical and ergonomics at the same time. In other words, these wonderful AVF products are designed to enhance your experience since they offer quicker response yet tactile sensation at the same time.

AVF AV9800-1U Keyboard

Encased in a slim frame, this AVF keyboard boasts a sleek body that allows it to be more portable. At the same time, it is durable as you can use it for a long time without worrying that it will not last. Moreover, you can take comfort in the fact that AVF AV9800-1U keyboard allow you to tap or type with confident as it provides highly responsive controls.

AVF Headphones
Well-known for its amazing array of exceptional headphone designs, AVF develops them to be maximizing your audio experience to be more immersive. In other words, this means that you are able to experience such rich audio quality when listening with AVF headphones.


With such sporty design, this AVF headphone is really stylish and gorgeous. Besides, you can wear comfortably while listening to your favorite music or video. More than just a simple headphone, the AVF HBT100 headphone is also a Bluetooth headphone with hands-free function.

AVF Smartphone or Tablet Accessories
Boasting tons of accessories that you can get to enhance the usability of your smartphone or tablet, AVF certainly supplies everything that you need for better experience. From the simple selfie stick to the highly advanced virtual reality glass, AVF gets everything covered.

AVF Virtual Reality Glasses

Specifically designed to work with smartphones, AVF releases AVF AVG3d-01 virtual reality glasses so that you can enjoy the virtual world in its finest. This AVF virtual reality glasses is also simple to wear and use. Boasting incredible performance, this AVF product brings you tantalizing 3D experience for your viewing pleasure.

Activating Your Accelerated Life with AVF Malaysia

Since you have read much about the awesomeness of AVF products, now it is the time for you to decide to act. When you are looking for more awesome AVF products for gaming, you should take a look at AVF gaming products.