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Avast Price in Malaysia for November, 2018

134 Products
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Top Avast Price List 2018

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Official Pro Antivirus 2018 Oem Classic Package RM 20.80 Lazada
Pro Antivirus Medialess License Key 1 User/1 Year RM 39.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus 2017 RM 85.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus OEM RM 39.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus (OEM) RM 39.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus 1 User 1 Years Product Key Card RM 39.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus 1 User 1 Years Product Key Card RM 30.00 Lazada
PRO ANTIVIRUS - License Key Card [1 User 1 Year] RM 30.00 Lazada
Pro Antivirus 1 User 1 Years Product Key Card RM 30.00 Lazada
antivirus primer RM 89.00 Lazada
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-28% Official Pro Antivirus 2018 Oem Classic Package

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Different Forms of Digital Threats that You Can Prevent with Avast Malaysia

Despite the many benefits that it brings to us, the Internet also poses many dangers to its users with countless numbers of malware that can be found online. Malware – short for malicious software – can potentially harm you by corrupting important files, spy on your internet activity without your knowledge, or even steal your personal information such as banking details, contacts, and passwords. Some of the damages caused by these malware are fixable, but there are others which have permanent and irreversible effects.

That is why you should always equip yourself with a reliable antivirus software such as those provided by Avast Malaysia, as they provide a wholesome protection to users when they browse the Internet. Avast Antivirus software can detect and delete malware that exists in your devices instantaneously, preventing them from causing more harm. Avast Malaysia also ensures that their database is always updated with the latest malware so that they are able to identify the malware easily. Here are malwares that you can prevent from entering your systems with Avast Malaysia:


Adware (short for advertising-supported software) is a malware that automatically sends advertisements to users even without the user’s permission. The most common examples of adware are pop-up ads on website and advertisements that are displayed of software. Most of the time, adware serve as a way for advertisers to generate additional revenue when users click on these advertisements.

While most adwares are primarily designed to distribute advertisements, it is not uncommon for them to be bundled with spyware as well. The spyware bundles expand the adware’s original capabilities, enabling advertisers to track user activity and possibly steal information. Thankfully, Avast Malaysia’s wide range of antivirus packages have filters that notify users if there are potential adware lurking around making users less vulnerable to contracting adware.


Another security threat that is commonly found online is spyware. Spyware is a dangerous type of malware that is designed to spy on users’ activities without their knowledge. These spying capabilities include monitoring online activities, collecting keystrokes for commonly used keys, and gathering data such as account information, passwords, and financial data. However, some advanced spyware also has additional capabilities, including interfering with network connections and modifying the security settings of devices, apps, and software. Spyware is also dangerous because they can spread by exploiting software vulnerabilities, causing extra damage.

To prevent users from being a victim of spyware, Avast Malaysia offers antivirus programs that provide top-of-the-line defenses against zero-second threats for your digital devices. The antivirus programs also undergo constant updates to bring security fixes so that hackers are unable to find ways to bypass them.

Trojan Horse

One of the most infamous malware is the Trojan Horse, also known as Trojan. It is one of most sophisticated malware available on the Internet. This malware is named Trojan Horse for its ability to disguise itself to look like a normal file or program, tricking users to download and install it into their gadgets. What makes the Trojan Horse so treacherous is that it allows the attacker to remotely access an infected device without the owner knowing about it. Once the malicious party has gained entry to a device, the attacker has full access to the user’s confidential information such as emails, financial information, and even logins. Moreover, an attacker will also be able to render files inaccessible, install more malware, and monitor user activity.


One of the most infectious malware is the virus. Like the viruses that affect humans, computer viruses can copy itself multiple times and then spread to other devices by attaching themselves to multiple programs. When the users launch these programs, the viruses will execute a code that will enable it to be passed on to other devices. Viruses are highly infectious and can spread via various means such as documents, script files, and web applications. Not only are viruses dangerous because they can spread across multiple devices, they can also cause a lot of harm to your devices once they infiltrate through the defenses. Viruses are deployed by attackers to steal information, harm computers and networks, create bots that execute a specific set of instructions, and much more.

Fortunately, Avast Malaysia provides a comprehensive solution with their antivirus programs. With real-time shielding and automatic scans, you can rest assured that your devices are in safe hands. Avast Malaysia’s security systems enable you to delete or quarantine infected software so that the viruses will not spread to other networks and devices.

Enjoy Wholesome Protection with Avast Antivirus Malaysia

Depending on your security needs, Avast Malaysia has reliable and up-to-date antivirus programs to ensure that you do not fall prey to cyber-attacks. For all-rounded protection, Avast Premier is the answer. It comprises of all the best features and updates that Avast Malaysia has to offer for a reasonable price. Otherwise, you can also choose Avast Malaysia’s Internet Security Package that offers advanced security when you go online. You can also download the free trial version with basic capabilities for a limited-period test run.

Interested in getting yourself an Avast Malaysia antivirus program? You can purchase Avast Malaysia’s antivirus programs online conveniently from our partner merchant Lazada Malaysia. Besides Avast Malaysia, you can also check out other malware-protection software from Norton Malaysia, Kaspersky Malaysia, and Trend Micro Malaysia.