Aura White is a company from Malaysia that manufactures beauty and health products. The brands under the company include AuraWhite Beauty and AuraMen, which specializes in personal care products such as collagen drinks as well as beauty products for both men and women. Read on to know more about Aura White Malaysia.

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Aura White – Trusted Beauty Brand From Malaysia

Quality Personal Care Products for Everyone

Aura White is a Malaysian company that was established in 2012 and over time, has expanded its products to also include beauty and personal care items for both women and men. The company’s goal is to produce high-quality products for their consumer at a reasonable price.

Under the company, the AuraWhite Beauty brand is focused on beauty and personal care products for women while the AuraMen brand focuses on personal care products for men.

Packed with Benefits for Every Concern

The line-up of products under the AuraWhite Beauty brand includes the AuraWhite Sparkle Diamond Collagen Drink, the AuraWhite Sparkle White Skincare Set, and the AuraMen Hydra Skincare Set.

AuraWhite Sparkle Diamond Collagen Drink

One of the best-selling products from AuraWhite Beauty is their Sparkle Diamond Collagen Drink. The product is a powdered drink that you mix with water. The highlight of the product is that it’s infused with collagen, a protein that helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and overall appearance, giving you a beautiful and youthful glow.

AuraWhite Sparkle Diamond Skin Care Set

AuraWhite is also known for its lineup of skincare products that can help to treat acne, dark spots, and large pores. One of their most popular product is their Sparkle Diamond Skin Care Set. According to AuraWhite Beauty, this product can help to brighten and reduce dark spots, but it can also help to minimize the appearance of large pores, freckles, acne, blackheads, and scars.

AuraMen Hydra Skin Care Set

The AuraMen brand was established to provide quality personal care items for men. One of the brand’s best sellers is their Hydra Skin Care Set which is specially formulated for men. The set is suitable for all skin types and helps to treat acne and dark spots. The product can also help with minimizing pigmentation, scars, and wrinkles.