Dear men, taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a hassle. Also, don’t think that having a great skincare regime is only for women. Maintaining a healthy skin can eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. Find out more on how to take care of your skin with Aura Men here.

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Men's Skincare 101 with Aura Men Malaysia

If you’ve seen the Hollywood blockbuster, American Psycho, then you know the infamous scene where the protagonist, Patrick Bateman, narrates, albeit creepily, his meticulous skincare routine. Now if that’s what your impression of what all men do regularly for their skin, then you’re totally in the wrong and still need to research more about men skincare.

Just think of it as a grooming process, like shaving. Most men shave regularly, if not daily. Having a great skincare regime can make the shaving process easier because it eliminates all the extra sebum and dirt. As a product line from the local brand Aura White, Aura Men offers high-quality and affordable skincare products for men with all types of skin and conditions.

Types of Skin

Learning what type of skin you have before purchasing any skincare products would help greatly, and avoid any accidental conditions like breakouts and redness. There are five main types of skin and normally

  1. Oily - overactive sebaceous glands produce excess oil, making the face looks shiny and greasy.
  2. Dry - the skin would often crack, flake, and have uneven skin texture.
  3. Normal - rosy undertone, barely visible pores,
  4. Combination - a mixture of the three skin types above; oily around the forehead, nose, and chin, and dry everywhere else.
  5. Sensitive - vulnerable to redness, itching, rashes, breakouts, and allergic reaction.

Taking care of your Skin

If you’re not sure how to start caring for your skin, there are basic steps you can do to start off your skincare journey. Using Aura Men products will also help ease the routine and give you great health benefits.

Exfoliate, Moisturize, Hydrate

Sometimes, washing your face is not enough. There's dirt and excess oil stuck between the layers of the skin and inside the pores. It’s recommended for men to exfoliate occasionally, moisturize regularly, and hydrate daily. Exfoliation the skin requires you to use a face scrub that can remove dead skin cells and brighten up the complexion. A moisturizes, on the other hand, is something you should use on a regular basis. Usually applied after washing the face, moisturizers are great for men with dry and flaky skin because it locks in moisture. However, men with oily skin should search for a moisturizer with a water-based solution.

Besides exfoliating and moisturizing, hydrating your skin is critical. Using hydrating products can only hydrate your skin halfway. To hydrate your skin fully drink six to eight glasses of water throughout the day and monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake. Hydrating your skin from the inside can actually be more effective than using lotion or any other hydrating skincare products.

Use sunscreen and Increase Vitamin C intake

Sunrays can speed up the aging process by slowing down the production of collagen that could decrease the elasticity of the skin. Opt for products, like a moisturizer, that contains SPF 15 or higher. Other than sun protection, think about increasing your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C has anti-aging benefits and contains ascorbic acid which can help in the collagen synthesizing process

Wash your face at night

If you don’t really have time to do your skincare routine in the morning, you can always do it at night. Some might say washing your face at night is better because it washes off all the dirt and oil that accumulated during the day. This way, you can sleep with a fresh face and the skin cells will effectively regenerate. Keep in mind that washing your face for more than twice a day is not recommended.

Start thinking about wrinkles

The early 20’s is actually the best time to start thinking about wrinkles. Early anti-aging efforts will give wondrous results. Retinol creams are great in eliminating fine lines and prevent wrinkles from forming this early. It also helps increase collagen production and cell growth.

Choosing your Aura Men Malaysia products

Aside from great, high-quality skincare, Aura Men also offer supplements that target the skin and overall health. The top-selling Aura Men products are:

  1. Aura Men Turbo Collagen. This powdered supplement has whey protein, green tea, and collagen peptide. It brightens the skin, increases stamina and energy, detoxifies, and increases testosterone.
  2. Aura Men Soap. The Aura Men Face Soap is formulated specifically for men’s skin. It can be used to wash and scrub the face, and it contains menthol, walnut powder, and aloe vera extract.
  3. Aura Men Double Treasure. The Double Treasure is a capsuled supplement meant to solve breakouts, dull and dry skin, redness, and slows down the aging process. It has ginseng, jujube, lovage root, Chinese cinnamon, and the Chinese herb, Radix Angelica.
  4. Aura Men Pomade. After taking care of your skin with Aura Men skincare products, you can style your hair with Aura Men’s pomade. This product is made from natural ingredients like bees’ wax, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly.

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