Staying slim might be an overwhelming challenge for some as you have to stick to a rigorous workout routine that may take a lot of your free time. With Aulora pants, wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. Read more about Aulora in Malaysia for healthier legs and body.

What are Aulora Kodenshi pants? | When to wear Aulora Kodenshi? | When should Aulora pants be worn? | Can I wear Aulora Kodenshi pants to sleep?


All You Need to Know About Aulora Malaysia

What are Aulora Kodenshi pants?

Aulora Kodenshi Pants in Malaysia are health and wellness slimming pants imported directly from Japan, equipped with a new generation of high-quality fabrics. The pants are able to absorb body temperature while providing holistic and long-lasting support during any activity, thanks to the Kodensi Fiber airy and flexible material. It is comfortable and fits perfectly to each individual, for both women and men. Comfortable for day-to-day wear and skin-friendly, Aulora pants with Kodenshi is a convenient way for you to achieve healthy legs in style.

When to wear Aulora Kodenshi?

You can wear these Japan-made pants daily. This healthy fashion statement is suitable for you to use in activities like gym and yoga. The pants’ natural warmth is comfortable to use as it absorbs your body temperature and releases it back to the body. It is recommended for you to wear it for eight hours on your active days. From gym workouts and daily routine at home to bedtime rest, you can wear Aulora pants every day.

When should Aulora pants be worn?

You can wear it at any time of day, but it is highly recommended that you wear your Aulora pants for at least 8 hours per day. The results can be seen much quicker if you wear your Aulora pants when you’re doing a lot more movements.

Can I wear Aulora Kodenshi pants to sleep?

Yes, you can wear Aulora Slimming pants to sleep. Slimming pants will retain your body heat and increase your metabolic rate. With this technology, faster fat burning while you’re asleep is possible as your body will sweat more due to the increased metabolic rate. If you’re sleeping in a fully air-conditioned bedroom, sweating might not be a problem for you. If not, wearing hot pants to sleep might feel hot and sticky, knowing Malaysia is a hot, humid country.

Slimming sleep pants from the brand is the best option that you can go for in the form of leggings. The pants will cover from your ankle up to your thighs and tug perfectly at your waist or belly. This way, the fat burning process is working on your entire lower body part while you’re sleeping.

How long can Aulora pants last?

Aulora pants can function well for up to two years. If you have damages and tears, it will most likely to last shorter than 24 months.

How good are Aulora pants?

Aulora pants help burn calories as you move and it provides effective slimming progress as it burns fat and body waste the more you wear it.

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