From the simple lighting component to the highly advanced recording suite, take a look at the various types of studio equipment. Read about studio equipment here.


Studio Equipment - Tools Of The Trade

Just as the painter needs the proper painting tools to do the job, so too are those who needs the proper studio equipment to do their trades. Basically, it goes without saying that you need the right kind of tools for the right kind of jobs. When it comes to studio equipment, there is a vast variety of tools that serve many different purposes. Even for an experienced person, the list of studio equipment can be seemingly endless as it is simply a gargantuan list of specialized tools. Not only these tools are pretty practical but also they are designed to be able to accommodate your creativity and artistic ability.

It is also important to recognize which tool are relevant for your trade. Whether you are shooting a commercial advertisement or pre-wedding photography in the studio, you will find it fascinating that both activities can employ different equipment. Not only that, a music recording session and a YouTube music video also use different kinds of tools. Despite such sheer complexity, you will be amazed of the results that you get with great tools at the end of day.

  • Studio Equipment Essentials : A Guide Of Your Tools
  • Amazing Studio Equipment Brands That You Should Know
  • Taking It To The Next Level : Merging Art & Creativity With Technology

Studio Equipment Essentials : A Guide Of Your Tools

From something rudimentary such as the microphone to specialized equipment like acoustic kit, it is astonishing when you realize that there is a lot of tools that you need to get especially when you need to start a recording or photography studio. Even if you are not starting your own studio, you can always get these specialized tools for jamming, photography, videography and others. Nowadays, you do not have to go to a studio to record your own song that you are writing when you have the proper tools for the task. Even then, you still need to test each of them While it proves to be a monumental task when figuring which tool that you should get, we have compiled a great guide here:

  • Headphones

When it comes to selecting headphones for your studio, the approach seems to be straightforward as we have no problem in getting them. However, getting headphones for your studio is not that simple because you need to get studio headphones that cater for recording purpose as they are designed precisely for such task. For more specialized headphones, you can check about the headphones.

  • Microphone

While this simple device has been around for a long time, it is somewhat surprising that a lot of people actually forget about getting this essential item. This is because you are going to get a variety of microphones as each of them caters for specific musical instruments. For instance, condenser microphones are suitable for high frequency instruments such as piano, acoustic guitar and cymbals. As for drums, you should use dynamic microphones for them. You can take a look at microphones as there is a vast range of microphones there.

Amazing Studio Equipment Brands That You Should Know

  • Aputure

Specialized in providing various types of equipment that satisfies the needs of artists and professionals alike, Aputure desires to provide professional-grade equipment that is affordable. As its team consists of seasoned filmmakers and photographers, this means Apunture truly understands the needs of its fellows as it continues to design products that are both practical and inspiring at the same time. Not only that, Aputure also believes that its equipment can help to keep that passion alive.

  • Fotogenic

Boasting a host of high quality products at affordable rate, Fotogenic is the brand that has been proven to be very popular in recent years. You will find that Fotogenic to be marvellous because it provides everything from simple yet practical carryall bags to reflector panels. In addition, Fotogenic also provides a lot of accessories that can be good additions to your studio.

Taking It To The Next Level : Merging Art & Creativity With Technology

Nowadays, it is possible to build your own recording studio in your own home as you only go to other studios when they have better equipment and staff that can handle your task. If you want to start your own studio, it can be really costly when you decide to get all of the necessary studio equipment at one go. A practical solution will be making a list of equipment that you really need and prioritize them accordingly.