Mobile speaker docks are devices that enable you speakers to connect with other devices with no effort. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest mobile speaker docks in Malaysia. You can also learn some tips on how to choose the right mobile speaker dock by reading the article below.


Your Guide to Choosing a Mobile Speaker Dock in Malaysia

Mobile speaker docks in Malaysia let you play music from your MP3 player or smartphone through compact high-quality speakers, while also charging the battery on your device. Here are some tips for finding the right speakers to fit your lifestyle.

Types of Mobile Speaker Docks

Mobile speaker docks in Malaysia come in two types: portable or stationary.

Portable variants

  • They are typically subtle on additional features, however, you can bring them anywhere without having to worry if there’s an outlet nearby.
  • They will either require batteries or are integrated with a rechargeable, built-in battery.

Stationary models

  • Ideally suited in the office or home, and can have a wealth of additional features.
  • They offer better sound quality.


Mobile speaker docks in Malaysia come with more features, making them more versatile. However, they might be pricier, so think about the features you really want to have before you decide to buy.

Radio Some variants of mobile speaker docks in Malaysia come with a radio, so you can enjoy listening to other music aside from your MP3 player. A radio is a great feature that lets you listen to something else when you don't have your MP3 player with you.
Alarm Although many smartphones are integrated with alarms, the battery on an alarm clock mobile dock won't easily run out of juice through the night, leaving you rushing the next morning.
Speakerphone Having a speakerphone capability lets your mobile speaker dock take calls without disconnecting. When you receive a call, it will mute the music automatically and start it up again after the call is finished.
Video output With video output options, your mobile speaker dock will be able to connect to your TV or computer monitor, providing you an increase in volume and audio quality while playing videos saved on your media player.
Wireless connectivity

Bluetooth-enabled mobile speaker docks in Malaysia can connect to your MP3 player or smartphone remotely, so you can bring it with you while playing music. With wireless connectivity, it will allow you to browse and select music on your device, turning your MP3 player into a remote control for your mobile speaker dock, only with a lot more features.


A remote control enables you to change the music on the spot, saving you the trouble of getting up out of your seat.

Other Factors to consider

  • Although most mobile speaker docks in Malaysia can play music while charging your device, say a smartphone or MP3 player, there are models that can only support a limited number of devices.
  • If you want to play music from another device, some docks in Malaysia come with inputs that can connect additional devices. They'll play music but they won’t charge the added devices.
  • If you want something to fit your tablet, make sure the dock can actually accommodate the larger size.
  • Whether you need a portable speaker dock to play music on the go or want a stationary speaker dock for quality sound at home, it's easy to find one that works with your media player and lifestyle with a little bit of research

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