A home theater is a cinematic experience at home that tries to mimic and replicate the same feeling as in the movie theaters. Doing so requires a lot of high quality video and audio equipment such as large televisions and great 7.1 surround sound audio. Building a home theater requires great effort, time, and money, but the immersion it creates is always worth it.


Home Theater Audio – Get immersed in the world of sound

What defines Home Theater?

A home theater is pretty self explanatory as that is where movies and other forms of media are watched and enjoyed – it's also humorously called the "man-cave". However, what makes a home theater a theater is the equipment used to give the amazing visuals and sound. The usual television and DVD player doesn't quite cut it to be called a home theater.

A home theater generally tries to reproduce the feeling of a movie theater or a cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. This cinematic experienced is reproduced through the use of many types of video and audio equipment – most of which are not cheap, staying in the high-end electronics spectrum. Common components of a home theater usually includes a high resolution projector with a large screen or a large high resolution television, with an assortment of media players and audio equipment.

Home Theater Equipment

To make up the joy that is the immersive home theater, there are several core components that make it so. All of the equipment work together to bring that cinematic experience to the comfort of your own home.

Television: Depending on the size of your home theater room, the size of the TV may differ as well, a small television in a small room may look impressive, but would be rather silly in a larger room. Regardless of which size of TV you choose, home theater televisions also usually have very high resolutions at a minimum of Full HD (1080p), all the way to the highest Ultra-HD (4K) resolution displays.
Projector & Screens:Instead of a television, most people opt for a high resolution projector and a large projection screen to bring out an even more immersive cinematic experience as the screen can also be adjusted depending on size and preference.
Video source: What is a home theater without any videos to watch? A video source is a media player such as Blu-ray player, 4K media players, and smart set-top boxes. All these can play video which will be output to your choice of television or projector. Smart set-top boxes will even let you stream videos online instead.


    A home theater with great visuals but no great audio is not as immersive nor as enjoyable. The word immersion in home theater is the reason why surround sound speakers exist. 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound speakers offer home theater enthusiasts sound that puts them right in the middle of a movie scene. Every little sound, from the ruffle of clothing to a large explosion is all brought to life with great surround sound speakers. A great set of speakers should also have a powerful subwoofer to bring out all of the bass from movies and other media.

    Building a home theater is not a small effortless feat, and it requires a great deal of planning as it will use a lot of money. But the end result of building a home theater is always satisfying: there's nothing quite like watching a movie in your very own home theater.